Virtual Networking – setting up your environment part 2

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Welcome to part 2. Great to have you here today. Recap last week. Background Picture quality Camera Height Sound Quality Muting Now on with the show – keys 6-12. 6/. Don’t read from a piece of paper, book, or Magazine; … Continued

Virtual Networking – Setting up your environment part 1

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From Chapter 2 of our new book on Virtual Networking     Setting up your physical environment for virtual networking Welcome and if you are on video, don’t mike the mess – it is intentional.   If not on video … Continued

Virtual Network Training

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You are invited – Virtual Networking Training   Please join me as a I present this exciting virtual networking training.   Build virtual relationships that grow your business   Relationship building is the key to business growth. We have spent … Continued

How to be Approachable in a Virtual World

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From Chapter 6 or our New Book on Virtual Networking   “There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet-”William Frederick Halsey, Jr.   Did you ever notice that the most approachable … Continued


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Personal Branding The Magic Touch Special Interview with Brandon Fong   Branding gives so many of us a tough time. That is why we are bringing you this episode and giving you great input for one of the best.   … Continued

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