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Problem:   No sales process that worked.

Solution:   Build a working sales process

                  Hire the right sales Team

                  Training in Leadership

Results:    Company grew from $9 Million in Sales to $16 Million in sales in 18 Months.



Problem:   Software Company losing market share and not growing.

Solution:   Change the billing process from one time plus support to yearly license with support.

                   New Sales team

                   New marketing process


Results:    Company recovered lost clients and expanded into new area with over 100% growth.



Problem:   Conflict and Issues between Sales and Owners.

Solution:   Getting the team to work together                  

                  Bring in the right software and vendors

                  Train the players

Results:    Company grew from $2 Million in Sales to $3 Million in sales.


Problem:   Company is Dying and Looks to be out out business.

Solution:   Change the focus to the right prospect

                  Raise the expectations of all players

                  Training in Leadership

Results: Company expanding facilities every 6 months and now on Fortune 5000 List


Problem:   Hesitation to raise prices and go after competition agressively

Solution:   Build strong brand awareness

                  Acquire the competition

                  Bring in the right players

Results:    Company doubled in size and is now the player in a very competitive market


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