Manny Nowak is an Executive Business Consultant, Author of over a dozen books, and Profession Speaker to business owners andPicture 008 organizations all over the country and host of the podcast “Targeted Lead Generation.”

“The Coach” as many call him, has helped dozens of companies to move from doing well, to doing extra-ordinary.

The central theme of his message is: “that we learn to be great leaders from the failures we have gone through, reviewed, understood and learned from.” By learning from our failures, we can maximize our potential. By learning from our failures, we take control of our fear and move forward. Manny is committed to development of outstanding leaders throughout the world.
What makes Coach Manny different? Simply put, “he has done it.” He does not talk and teach theory.

With his business partner Mr. Bob Zecca he is currently training people in “Covert Leadership.”  This amazing process helps you develop your leaders as individuals, as teams and as teams that win.

Manny has built companies both his own and others. He knows what it takes to make it happen. His tools and processes help to bring clear, simple, easy to use applicable principles to you in all you do. If you cannot apply what you learn today, what good is it?
He produces a weekly newsletter and video that goes to thousands of people all over the world. A teaching piece to help you get better and better in your work, life, faith and family.