Should you hire Coach Manny Nowak to speak to your group?0028



Let’s look at some questions you might have?



Will Coach Manny be entertaining?

I will – it is critical that I inform, but also that I make it a great event for your audience.  When your audience is happy – your event works.






Will he get the audience involved?

I will – my presentations are all very interactive.  We make it your event and the people love it.  They get into it.  They become part of it.






Coach Manny Speaks on Success?

His powerful speech is direct from his best selling book:

Super Successful People Will Never Tell You, “You Can’t.”



Will the speaker make the presentation fit us?  

Coach Manny spends time, effort and energy doing the research on your audience and on your organization.  The presentation looks like it was developed for you.

Listen to what others are saying?

Yes- we are there for you to make your event a total and complete success



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