Virtual Network Training

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You are invited – Virtual Networking Training


Please join me as a I present this exciting virtual networking training.0048


Build virtual relationships that grow your business


Relationship building is the key to business growth.

We have spent a great deal of time learning how to do it effectively live over the years.

Over the past year we have had to learned to building those relationships virtually.

We have become very good at conversations using our electronic device.

We have learned that we can build even more effective and prosperous relationships in a shorter time, without travel and at a much lower cost.

But just as in live networking, there are things that you have to do to be successful.

Outstanding virtual networking is what we deliver.



Why should you attend:

  • If your business is based on relationship building and you can’t do it with in person meetings

  • If you want to build clients worldwide faster

  • If you want to become good at building relationships virtually that generate business



  1. Setting up an effective environment that works virtually – what do you need to make it work the best.

  2. What works and how it works different in a virtual environment.

  3. What doesn’t work and can get you in trouble virtually.

  4. How to use your great networking skills virtually



Plus the release of my new Book

Virtual Networking

How to Build Relationships Virtually That Grow Your Business




3/30/2021. 8PM EST.

Vancouver Business Network



Click here to attend:


Hope you see you then.

Email me if you have any questions.

Look forward to you joining the event.