When you absolutely must get through to someone. What happened to those never give up salespeople who just keep going? If you are trying to connect with someone, be they a new or existing friend or foe, what do you do when you are not being very successful? You know you must get through to this person. It is no longer a question of whether you need to, now it is statement. I must get through to her.


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Sales and Marketing Automation With Patrick Baynes – CEO – Nerdwise.com   How can you increase your sales? How do you get more customers? How to you grow your business? Come listen to Nerdwise.com CEO Patrick Baynes interview with Coach … Continued


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Your Voice and Success The Voice Man – Earl Thomas Promotional Video Expert  Great Radio/Video – anywhere you need a great voice.   Connect with Earl: Email: dukeearl@shaw.ca Website: http://earlthomasthevoice.com   Special for our guests: 20% discount on your voice over: … Continued

Virtual Networking – Setting up your environment part 1

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From Chapter 2 of our new book on Virtual Networking     Setting up your physical environment for virtual networking Welcome and if you are on video, don’t mike the mess – it is intentional.   If not on video … Continued

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