Virtual Networking – setting up your environment part 2

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Welcome to part 2.

Great to have you here today.

Recap last week.mannynowak%20front

  1. Background

  2. Picture quality

  3. Camera Height

  4. Sound Quality

  5. Muting

Now on with the show – keys 6-12.

6/. Don’t read from a piece of paper, book, or Magazine; put it on the computer.

            If you have something you are working on from a script or notes, put them in a Word document in bigger font sizes. Then switch back and forth from the video view to the document. No one will know you are looking and reading from a document. Sometimes it even seems you are making better eye contact by looking at the document.

            When I do my Facebook live, I have a script, and it is right there on the screen in a Word document, but everyone thinks I am looking at them.

            This is a great key to help you look more professional in your networking and presentation.

            It sucks when the person you are talking to or listening to is looking to the side, down or up. You want to make good eye contact.

            Put the data in electronic form and read it from your screen.

7/. It costs to have an environment that looks good.

I know it seems we are spending a bunch of your money to make your environment look good, but then, think of all you are saving on $8 cups of coffee in the local shop. How much did you spend when you went out for breakfast or lunch? Now you are in, so just spend the money on equipment. Don’t worry; it will not be wasted. The virtual world is not going away. We hope to get back to live events, but many things will remain virtual.

***Listen to PodCast with the Coach on this. – Click here



8/. Standing is sometimes better than sitting.

It just makes you look better on the camera, and it shows you are really focused on the conversation.

You also come across as having so much more energy.

I often use this technique, especially if I need to project confidence and energy in a presentation.

If I am doing a presentation, then I always try to stand.

Just like when you are live on the stage, you see very few professional speakers sitting.

Even while standing, you can still do all the other stuff we discussed above.

9/. Don’t play on your phone, laptop, or other items around you.

People know when you are paying attention. Assume you are sitting at the local coffee shop and having a conversation, and the person is sitting in front of you. You need to give this conversation your 100%. Remember that everything you do can be seen.

10/  Relax and enjoy the conversation and the day. Be yourself.

            I know you might have purchased this book so you could be ahead of the rest of the people. And much of what we teach is a little different. But don’t try and be someone else—more on this in the next chapter.



 11/. Lighting

            This is another one of the key pieces to coming across great on video. Stop hesitating when it comes to investing In lighting.

            You need great lighting to look good.

            You need to look into the light; that is how it works.

            But not to cast shadows or create sunspots.

            The best lighting is natural, so if you have a window you can look out of in front of you, that is great. Unless it is not a sunny day or it is evening.

            LED is great and very clear.

            You can buy professional lighting kits for about $125 off Amazon, and it will create an amazing change in how you look in the video.

            Again, I encourage you to test the lighting, so you see how it looks. Find and eliminate the shadows. Make sure you look great.

12/. You need to be left alone.

            No one wants to see the dogs, cats, children, partners.

            Yes, we all love them, but right now, we are trying to work with you.

            It is best if you have a room with a door. Put a sign outside when you are live on events.Do not come in.

We’ve run you through the 12 things you can do to help create a great environment for calls. Give them a shot. If you have other things we missed, connect and share, and we will put them in a future version. We will even give you credit if we use them.

Much success.

Let’s work on you in the next chapter.

Exercise: Put a checklist to get your environment in shape.

Make sure you have all these in place.

  1. Background

  2. Picture quality

  3. Camera Height

  4. Sound Quality

  5. Muting

  6. Where are you reading your data from?

  7. Budget

  8. Stand when needed

  9. Make sure everything you can play with is put out of reach.

  10. Relax

  11. Lighting

  12. Be left alone.