Sales Referral Strategy

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Do you already have one in place in your business?

Are you executing it or still thinking about it?


Referrals– are leads given to you by others such as the people you know and/or people you are doing business with.


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We all know what they are.0028

We all know why they are important.

We all want them.


Yet, how often do we ask for them?

Do we have a formal process to make sure it happens in our business?


Most people never ask.

I am not sure why.

You have a good relationship.

If they are a customer, you have done a great job.

So, why would you hesitate in asking?


The best way to make this happen in your business is to put together a formal process defining how you ask for referrals.  Even if you are a one-person business. Define the process and then execute it.


So today I want to help you get started by helping you to make this happen in your business.

Here are three tips you can use to build an effective strategy.


1/      Start by defining when you are going to ask for a referral

Teach this to yourself and your team.

Define, “this is when you need to ask for a referral.”

You don’t have to doall of these,but if you did one, it would make a difference.

         It would result in you gaining more business.

A/     When you close the deal.

The customer is so excited about buying, so let them spread the news.

B/      When you call back after delivery.

They have just receivedyour product or service, they are a hot lead.

C/      When they say no.

Your product or service might not be right for them, but.

Do not fear, they will likely give you a lead, if you ask.

D/     During the selling process.

Part of your process should be asking at certain stages.

Podcast_Cover (1)         E/      After a certain period of time.

They should now be very happywith you, andyour product/service should be working for them.

F/      When you stop by.

Ask for a referral in part of the conversation.

G/     When you are celebrating a sale.

You are all excited, So while you are confident, ask the question.

H/     When the team is around

Others might pitch in and give you names.


2/      Define how you will ask for referrals to make it easy.

These are just a sample, remember there are many ways to do it, but doing it is most important.

Wait while they are filling in the data.  “No problem I can wait.”  “I prefer to wait.”  “I know you are a busyperson and might never get around to doing it.”

You fill it out for them, add the data you already know, then ask them to complete the rest.

                   Don’t leave it with them, fill it out now.

Ask them to call and introduce you, in the cell phone world of today, would you mind just calling them right now and telling them I will try to connect.  Theymight even want to talk with you right now.

Always go for 3.


A/     Give them a sheet of paper.

Referralsfrom Joe Smith.

Name                  Phone         Email         Company




Thank you.

You can even fill in some of the data for them ahead of time.


B/      Give them a link which they can click on, andit asks them

For 3 referrals.






C/      Get your notebook or tablet out.

Ok, Jane, can you give me the name of 3 referrals that might be able to use


3/      Define why you have to ask for referrals.  This is what can make it reallywork.

This is the most crucial piece.

         Why are you doing this?

         Because it is clearly the easiest way to get more sales.

It changes a cold lead into a very warmlead.

It takes almost no time to do.

It works, it gets your more business, now.

If you don’t ask, someone else, like your competitor might.

If you don’t, you are leaving so much business on the table.


Because you want to grow your top line, and this is the fastest way to do it.



“Could you introduce me to someone who just like you HAS THIS CRUCIAL NEED?



Ask them.

Humble yourself, it is OK.2D-2




“I need some additional business to build my company, is there anyoneyou know who could benefit from the same things you have benefitted from?”


And stop worrying about offending people.  If I do great work for you and/or you are a good friend, are you going to get mad if I ask you for a referral?  Of course not.


Here is a greatquote from the Bible:

“Ask, and it shall be given you;

seek, and ye shall find;

knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

Matthew 7:7


But there is a second part to that passage I want you to remember:


“For every one that asketh receiveth;

and he that seeketh findeth;

and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

Matthew 7:8


So please start asking and watch what happens to that top line of yours.



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