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073  Building Relationship In Your Business

 Special Guest:  George “The Drycleaner” Warner

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Subject:  Sales and Marketing

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

Relationship marketing is the best way to grow your business


Hunting or farming

George was always a hunter, but has become a farmer

Involved with BNI (Business Networking Group)


Promotion/relationship building

George first used tool for promotion but then found much greater success in building relationships.


Today we get bombed from one end to the other online, but very little off line.


George uses a physical card mailing system.

Custom content

Created, stuffed and mailed right from your computer


George also uses Google, but he uses it in conjunction with this mailing program.

This is a great addition to what you are already doing.



20% email open rate is very good

What if you then followed up those that opened with a physical mailer with a similar look and feel.

You begin to become front of mind.

This can put you ahead of your competition.


Be different – send out:

    Thanks for looking.

    Thanks for being a customer


Meet a new person

Ask if you can put them on your email list

Send greeting email the next day

Then send them a paper touch as well.

3-5 days later – they get a card which connects to the email.

Then George uses 4 additional emails.

He also uses a great little touch of asking for referrals, rather than business.

Interesting concept.


Remember referrals are key to growing your business check out episode 070.



You can also do a year long physical mailer program to work your qualified prospects.

Great way to stay front of mind.

Also, these cards may have little to do with “Dry Cleaning” but more with relationship building.





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Instead of spending money on ads what about spending the money on a card?  Direct to a qualified prospect.


if someone calls and doesn’t sign up, they still get a card saying thank you.

They also get a periodic card and some emails to stay in contact.  Things can change.


Staying in front of your contacts

Email and physical.


When people get a card – they open it.


You can use your own handwriting or any kind of font on these cards.

These cards can be custom – not generic

Plus put your personal brand on the back.


Success Story:

Got in accident on Friday just before going on vacation on Monday.

Still have to take car, needed a quick simple fix to stay on road.

Bodyshop did it.

George sent him a thank you card – and a special gift(brownies)

Got call within days, from both husband and the wife.


Send cards with picture of the people on them


Send special gifts as part of the process.


People appreciate it when you take time to send a card. They remember you.

Key to building relationships.



Just for you:

Send as many single send cards as you want for less than $60 a year?


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Phone/Text:  856 488 0557

Need that relationship marketing app


App for the phone available – get the link, just text number above.


Computer Link:




Free gift to you from George:

Try out the product, send out a free card.

Just click here

 or click this link:



Side bar:

I took George up on this a bit back.

Sent the card.

Closed a great new client.

You got to try it.


Connection Data:

George –

Website:  www.georgesdrycleaning.com

Phone/Text:  856 488 0557

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