Why is there a Delay Between Lead Gen and The Start of Selling

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Why is there a delay between the time that a lead gets generated and the start of the selling process?

Further, the number one question, what can you do about it?


Last week we discussed the disconnect between sales and marketing, which I know you are focused on correcting.

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Jane’s company has spent a great deal of time in developing a marketing process that creates effective leads for the sales team.

They have worked very hard to understand what a good lead is and how to generate it.

Theirmarketing process is in high gear.


Yet, today when they had a meeting with the director of sales and marketing, they found out that it took days and even weeks before the leads they generated wereever worked by the sales team?


Jane was very unhappy to hear this and you might say just a bit annoyed.


What good is the lead if it is that old?

“No good” is the common answer.


Today I want to answer 3 burning questions in the area of lead delay.


1/        Past leads have been terrible.

2/        CRM system either doesn’t exist or is not being used by sales.

3/        No one has defined what a sellable lead really is.



1/        Past leads have been terrible.

It is the old story of how the leads that come in from marketing are terrible, don’t waste your time working them.

There is a history of marketing sending over leads which were not really leadsbut rather just the names and contact information at companies that should be buying what we sell.



2/        CRM system either doesn’t exist or is not being used by sales.

When I ask companies todayif they have a CRM, many say yes.

When I ask them if the sales team’s activity is driven by it, the answer is “I think so” or “I really don’t know”.

First of all,if you are going to effectively distribute leads, then you need a technology, CRM system.

Second, if your sales team is not using it, then you need to find out why and you need to get them aboard.

Leads need to be in the hands of the salespersonwithin minutes of hitting your organization. If they are not, then they go cold very quickly.  Some companies are amazing at what they can do.  You fill out a form online and within 5 minutes your phone rings.

When a lead goes to a salesperson, they need notification that it happened and then they need to work it.  Email, Text, Call.  Whatever.


3/        No one has defined what a sellable lead really is.

This is one of the great frustrations I have as a salesperson.

What I think is a sellable lead has nothing to do with what is being sent tome by marketing.

Sales and marketing have to sit down and define this to the maximum so that everyone is on the same page.



Keys to success.

  Sit down with your sales and marketing teams and get them on the same page.

  Find out what you need to do to get sales using the CRM.

  Start delivering better leads.


Do this and your will be on your way to doubling your sales.


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