The Number 1 Secret to Sales Success

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The Number 1 Secret to Sales Success

Pick up the phone and have a conversation.




Every day, you are bombarded by every new way to sell.  Everyone has the latest and the greatest method.  Go onto Facebook or LinkedIn and you will be overwhelmed by ads.




Podcast_Cover (1)Social Media.


All these, by the way, are great.

I use them all myself.


But, sales is done by you, not by the tools.

People buy you.

If they don’t talk to you, that is never going to happen.


If you feel frustrated because you know this and can’t convince your team to do it,

Join the gang.


Trouble is – we have to stop ignoring this key factor and start executing it.

If your sales is not growing, I strongly encourage you to give this a very detailed look.


To create great sales, you still need to pick up the phone.

You still need to make all kinds of calls, including cold ones.

You still need to interrupt people because that is how sales start to happen.


Let’s look at 3 keys today.


1/         Schedule time every day to make calls.

Block out time on your calendar, set an appointment.

No matter what else you have going on, if you are working today, you are making calls.

During this time, you make calls; that is it.  You make calls.

No interruptions from anyone, just not acceptable.

Nothing but dialing for dollars.


2/         Pump yourself up.

Follow up is the number one issue holding people back from selling more.
Follow up is the number one issue holding people back from selling more.

Get your attitude outstanding.

Get your mind focused.

Know how important it is to make and be successful with these calls.

Commit yourself to making this a success.


Tony Robbins, the great motivator, does it before every engagement.  Just look at his success.  What about you?


3/         Make the calls.

Take the action.

Do it.

This is actually the simplest step, but it is also the one that never happens.

A good sales person can do 20-25 dials an hour.

Most people do less than 10 calls a day.

Take the action, one hour, every day.

You will be amazed.


Is it that simple?


Does it really work?


Shall I still do the other things?

Yes, after.


To sell – you have to pick up the phone and talk with people.


Need to get better?

You and your team?

This is what I do. Pick up the phone and call me.

Today. 856 3645867


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