Lost Leads? How can that be

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Welcome to the third in our series to help you get better leads and better results with the leads you get.


2 weeks ago, we talked about the disconnect between sales and marketing and how to fix it.

I know many of you out there are working this and having some good results.

The closer that sales and marketing work together, the better.

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Last week we discuss the delay between lead generation and lead selling.  How to close that up.  Again, many of you are working this and having some good results.

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Today we go into the 3rd and final piece, all about those lost leads.


Lost leads?

Are you kidding me?

That sounds like those missing socks we all have to deal with.

You know when we hade 3 children at home, we once had 2 laundry baskets full of these lost socks.

I hope you are not losing leads that way.

I have one, but the other?


I also have seen, many times, people go to a show, get so many leads and are so excited, yet what happens to most of the leads?  They get lost.


In today’sworld with so much automation, the worst case should be that they get put into the wrong campaign and have to be correct.  But lost? Never!



The tradeshow did so well.

Look at all these leads.

Yet the truth is that only a few of them ever get worked.

You definitely need a better method to handle them.


Jane was going to give you a lead to the person at xyzcompany…

What happened?


I had the lead on my desk, I was getting ready to follow it up, but I must have gotten distracted…


He gave me the name, but I can’t remember where I wrote it.


I forgot to get back to them when they said to.


These are all real-lifeissues.

This is what can happen to leads in any organization.


More typical excuses – none of which work.


It fell out of my pocket.

I know I wrote it down someplace.

I can’t remember the company, but I know it was big.

Did you giveme a lead?

Who are you talking about? I don’t remember!


So how do you handle making sure it doesn’t happen to you?

Here are 3tips to help you.


1/        As soon as you have a company name or an individual name, even without anything else, you put it into your CRM and you attach a tag to it called “Incomplete Lead” with afollow-up date.  Right on your phone.  No thinking about it.  No writing it someplace.  Enter it into your phone in your CRM system.


2/        When you get a card, you immediately take a picture and upload it into your CRM.  Tell the prospect that we have a great new system and take the picture.  In most cases you will be asked: “what system is that and how do I get in?”  People are still in the dark ages when it comes to this technology.  Don’t you be.Get it in when that card hits your hand.


3/        Measure and track the leads.

            Make it an important piece of your sales process               as an individual and as a company. 

            How many leads did we get in last week?

            How many of them did you get hold of?

            How many appointments?

            How many proposals?

            How many closed deals?

            Where did they come from?



Make sure that every lead that comes in is accounted for.

This is how you see what lead sources are working the best.

It is how you make the process work for you.


The biggest problem is that the leads that get lost are usually the ones that could really make a difference, but never will.  Many times, you only get one chance.


Commit today and never again shall a lead be lost.  Period.

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