Get Things Done

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Ever notice how much time people today spend talking about what it is they are going to do?


How much time goes into planning? Now, as you know, I am a strong supporter of planning, but only if it results in action.


Action creates results.0048

Strategy is important.

Tactics tell you how.

But if you are not getting this done, then what good is it?

You as the leader must make it happen; either you do it, or you have someone else do it.

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I always say give me 2 people who can get it done and I will run circles around 10 thinkers.


I’ve been working recently with an amazing young intern who gets this principle and applies it in his work. P/T, he runs circles around full-time people. 


You see, it isn’t about what you are going to do – it is about what you do.


Today I have 3 points to help you start applying this and getting more done.


1/         Have a driving force.image 1 get things done

            Something that makes you get up and no matter what, go forward.


            A goal.

            When I got out of the USMC I had one goal that I had to accomplish and I let nothing stand in my way or slow me down – get a degree in accounting (I know, I don’t seem like an accountant). I let nothing stop me from that goal. I got married, had a daughter and had a full-time job, but each day I got up with focus and took action.


What is that driving force in your life? Many times we lose it and then wonder why we are not doing more.


Assignment: Define that goal in your life.



2/         Love what you do.

            Notice I did not say do what you love!

            Some will never get there. 

But if you look at it and love it, you will do it so much better.


            I messed up when I was a young high school kid working at the local tree nursery. I had a great job supervising a team that was picking weeds, then got myself in trouble and ended up trimming trees and digging plants. Unless you have done that in the hot summer, you will never know how hard it is.


            But at the end of the summer my boss, a real tough guy, said to me, “You are an amazing worker. You are the only kid I ever worked with that got so much done and worked so well.”

            You see, I loved what I did and did it well. Surely it was not what I loved, but I made myself love it.


Assignment:  Start loving what you do and do it so much better.



image 2 get things done3/         Take control.

            Every day you know what you are going to do and then you do it.

            Don’t make excuses.

            I get interrupted all the time – guess who lets that happen?

            Close your door.

            Work from home.

            Get out of the office and go to the local coffee shop.


            Are you leading or are you bleeding?


            Excuses are – never mind.


            Assignment: Find something you have been giving up control on and take it back.



We all need to stop letting things get in our way – and get done today what we planned to do.


Take back control.

Do what you said you were going to do.

Make a commitment to YOU!


Now, I hope this has fired you up. Some of you I might have just made mad. Get over it.


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