90 Days To Your Success cl


How to complete your highest priority items, while working less and playing more.


Three Simple Questions for you.tm6

            Are you working too many hours?

            Are you failing to complete your highest value tasks?

            Are you frustrated?


What if:

            You could spend more time enjoying the people your love?

            You could spend less time working and more time enjoying the fruits of            your labor?

            You could replace that frustration with excitement?


Now you can get it all done and still have time left to enjoy your life!tm3




90 Days To Your Success is a proven method to help you accomplish more in less time so you can stop working so much


Enjoy your life and family more

and all the while

get even more done.



My Story:

I was not always this successful entrepreneur who got so much done and created such great success for myself and for my clients.

I was actually the guy going in circles.


Working 12-14-16 and more hours per day

Working 7 days a week

And it seemed like I was getting no where – and I was getting no where fast.


I was ignoring my family

I was working when I was with my family and I was supposed to be enjoying them.

I was damaging my health.


In all – I was going for broke on all fronts.



and Unsuccessful.


I was doing so much.

Yet, it seemed like I never had time to do what I needed to.


I thought it would eventually get better – but it keep getting worse.


I started not getting client work done because my time seemed to vanish.


I started to getting behind – not taking the time to listen and help my clients.  Which is what I do best.

It got so bad that I started losing my existing customers



I was not focused and thus I was not getting anything done.

I was totally disenchanted.



Finally I said it – I have had enough.

I knew I had to find a better way.


I knew I could run circles around my competitors.

I knew that I really was that good.

I knew my products were that good.tm2

I knew that I could make it happen.


I committed to do whatever I had to in order to make it work.


So I listened, read, learned, meditated, prayed, studied and started to hang out with the stars that do what I do.


The result

90 Days to Your Success


This tool will help you think long term and execute short term.

It will help you build the road map to your life, today, tomorrow and 30 years from now.


It will help you get more done and yet work less.

It will help you fall in love with your business again.


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The process helps you achieve MASSIVE results 90 days at a time.



The 90 days to success process is a new way of looking at your life. 

Up to this point you might have been working with what people call planning for the next year. That process has been around forever and it asks you to look at the next year and figure out what it is you are going to accomplish over that year and how you are going to do it.


Then you put together goals and tasks to accomplish those goals over the next year.


But a year in today’s world is a long time.


For some a very long time. time1

Annual planning can lead to that business killer, procrastination.  In the world of planning that can many times mean that you have all the great intention to get things done and work them all year long, but just like those term papers in high school, you wait until the last minute.


It is why so much gets done in the 4th quarter.

It is why you work so hard in that last 3 months to bring home stuff, that you should have been working all along.

But more so, it is why you might accomplish your goal, but do not far exceed it.

Just think about what would happen if you worked that hard all year long!  You currently just get it done and do it well, but what if you had accomplished your goal earlier, how much better could your year have been?


So you might next ask, but why would I want to do this at all?


The big reason is very simple, you can get your  head around 90 days so much easier  than 365 days.


Whether you are in sales, production, operations, finance or any other department out there, this works.

This process will create amazing results for you whether you work for someone else or for yourself.


One word of caution. 

This is not a short term solution that ignores the long-term.

I know some of you may be thinking this is just like so much short-term thinking in America today.

I only care about today.

This is actually just short term execution, but long term thinking as much as 30 years out to ensure you achieve the life you want.

Tying your 90 day execution window to your long term goals ignites your purpose, passion and persistence for more productivity.


90 Days to Your Success contains 8 modules that include video training samples, and editable spreadsheets so you can quickly put everything into action.

Coach Manny show you what to do, step-by-step



The pieces include:

Module 1:  Building the Long-term Process – building your life roadmap.

Module 2:  Setting Goals for your 90 day window.

Module 3:  Defining the tasks for those goals

Module 4:  Defining the Measurement

Module 5:  Defining your Accountability

Module 6:  Building Your Weekly Routine

Module 7:  Building your Daily Routine

Module 8:  Building a Morning Routine


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Not sure you can do it by yourself?

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Option 1:

The standard course plus four 1v1 sessions with Coach Manny to work on 4 90 day plans.

        Session 1:  Coach does it for you.

        Session 2:   Coach does it with you.

        Session 3:  Coach watches you do it.

        Session 4:   Coach gives you extra success tips.

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Option 2:

The standard course plus one 1v1 sessions with Coach Manny to work on your first 90 day plan and then 3 group coaching sessions to help you with plans 2,3 and 4.

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Option 3:

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Plus we have some great bonuses for you to insure your success.


Bonus #1

5 Live training sessions with Coach Manny including Q and A time

  • The Long-term

  • 90 Days To Your Success Goals

  • 90 Days to Your Success Tasks and measurements

  • 90 Days to Your Success weekly plan

  • 90 Days to Your Success daily planning


Bonus #2

Networking is the cornerstone of creating a successful business.  Unfortunately, most business professionals don’t know how to network effectively

As a 90 Days to Your Success member you’ll receive a free copy of Coach Manny’s book, The “Manny” Ways of Networking Successfully.


Bonus #3

Your membership also entitles you to a free copy of the upcoming book, 90 Days to Your Success signed by the author Coach Manny


Bonus #4

Monthly Q & A session with Coach Manny to help you stay on track and in ACTION.

Participate live so you can get your personal questions answered.

Each monthly call is recorded so you can watch and work it later.



Are you ready to get more done in just 90 days?  Have more time to spend with your family?  Enjoy your business and life a whole lot more?


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