UV-SpotHow to Increase  Your Success

in 90 Days and become a




Your Time


If you failed at increasing success in the past?

It is not your fault!

If you’ve been concerned in the past that you just can’t succeed without hiring high priced Coaches and investing a fortune in time and money, I want to put those fears to rest.



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The difference with us is that we have a formula that will help you jump to the top of the game and become a ROCK STAR!


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When your sales are up, when your company is growing.

Then you can live the life of your dreams.

You can change the world if that is your goal.



Goal #1 – Increasing Your Success in Life by Dominating Your Timetm6


#2 The Only Way tm3to Dominate Your Time is Through 90 Days to Your Success




Coach Manny has been successfully helping people just like you to dominate their time since the late 1990’s


He has taken people that were “stuck” and helped them grow 50, 60 70 80 90 100 percent and more

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What was going on?

I was not always this successful entrepreneur who got so much done and created such great sales success for myself and for my clients.

I was actually the guy going in circles.


 Working 12-14-16 and more hours per day

Working 7 days a week

And it seemed like I was getting no where – and I was getting no where fast.



I was ignoring my family

I was working when I was with my family and I was supposed to be enjoying them.

I was damaging my health.





and Unsuccessful.



I was doing so much.

Yet, it seemed like I never had time to do what I needed to more less what I want to do!



I thought it would eventually get better – but it kept getting worse.


 What is it I wanted to accomplish


I wanted to grow my sales and my income to extraordinary levels.

Total financial freedom.


When sales are good, all is good.


I was spending my day chasing stuff and working stuff that was not going to help my company grow and was taking all my time and energy and generating little if any income.



I was getting pulled from one thing to the next and one person to the next.

Every one had a great idea to fix the problem

No one could.



  I started to look at my time and trying to get my hands around it.

  I read a bunch of books

  I started listening to those who were where I want to go.

  I learned about planning and control

  I started using and developing this process for myself and my clients



 But  I did not want it to seem like normal time management

  I did not want to create the same thing that was out there

  I needed a way to make this different.


End result

  1/ We put the weekly training together – fresh stuff based on needs every week.

  2/ We put the weekly Q and A/ Mastermind sessions together to give you a chance to see what others struggle with and how it could effect you.


  3/  We added teaming you up with an accountability partner



  Many days I now only work until about 130 in the afternoon and then spend the rest of my day doing other stuff.  Children, Grandchildren, spouse, golf, beach.  I get so much done because of the focus that my company is growing at an exponential rate.



Now your story might not be the same.

You might not be working too much, but instead you have teams that seem to be working to little.

Your frustration might be that you cannot get people to work to the level you want them to the level you have always worked at.


Your story might be totally different, but no matter what your story is, the right success process put into place will get you the result you want.


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Again, when sales is up – everything else seems to find a way to work out.

The 3 Secrets to Success


Secret #1        

Proactive execution – by being disciplined

How to get more done in 3 quarters than you got done all last year.  Then have another 90 days to really make it grow.

Secret #2        

Less time needed for each task – Focus and Priority

 How to give yourself less time and get even better results.

Secret #3        

Single Focus – Multiple Results

How to do what you do best and leave the rest for someone else.



90 Days to Your Success contains 8 modules that include video training samples, and editable spreadsheets so you can quickly put everything into action.

Coach Manny will show you what to do, step-by-step




Are you ready?


The pieces include:

Module 1:  Building the Long-term Process – building your life roadmap.

Module 2:  Setting Goals for your 90 day window.

Module 3:  Defining the tasks for those goals

Module 4:  Defining the Measurement

Module 5:  Defining your Accountability

Module 6:  Building Your Weekly Routine

Module 7:  Building your Daily Routine

Module 8:  Building a Morning Routine


Watch and learn more.



We are totally here to help you make this happen and make sure you are successful


Plus just look at all you get on top of the course to insure your success.


Plus #1

Weekly Live Q and A sessions with Coach Manny recorded and available to listen to as you get time as many times as you need.  52 Live Q & A sessions to work your problems, concerns, issues and ideas.

  • Get answers to the questions you are dealing with

  • Listen and learn from others as they get their questions answers

  •  Every Week we spend up to an hour helping you as a member

  • Send you questions in before hand

  • Live questions taken as they appear


Plus #2

Weekly Live Training sessions with Coach Manny recorded and available to listen to as you get time as many times as you need.  52 live training sessions over the year.

  • Building and monitoring The Long-term

  • 90 Days To Your Success Goals and more

  • 90 Days to Your Success Tasks and measurements and all the other things you need to make this work

  • 90 Days to Your Success weekly plan, pros, cons and what people are doing to make it work even better.

  • 90 Days to Your Success daily planning

  • Every week we help you learn more about these pieces so you can be the star



Plus #3

     Connecting you with an accountability partner who is in the program.  This allows you to keep each other on path.

I have had accountability partners for years and it has helped me to grow my company and myself.

Peer to peer accountability is so powerful and successful.  You will share with your peers things you tell no one else.


Plus #4

   1 Year membership in Then Entrepreneur Toolbox, Coach Manny’s private Facebook group.

  • Access to all members

  • First access to most tools and processes developed by Coach Manny at no added cost.


Plus #5

Four -90 Days to Your success workbooks.  One for each quarter of the first year.





Are you ready to get more done in just 90 days?  Have more time to spend with your family?  Enjoy your business and life a whole lot more?


Are you ready to GET STARTED NOW?


90 Days to Success Training course with video and worksheets:  $599


Live Q&A Mastermind. (52 Sessions):  $10,400


Live Weekly Training Session (52 Sessions)  $6,500


Peer accountability usually weekly to stay on track (52 Sessions).  $5,200


1 Year Membership In The Entrepreneur Toolbox Private Facebook Group:  $588


4 Workbooks:  $156


Total Value you Get:                           $24,443



You get all that for only $1,997.

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