Double Your Sales – Part I

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Let’s start today by looking at the first 5 keys that you need to look at to make this happen.


1/        WHO!

            Who are you are selling to?

            Don’t tell me everybody, because that really means nobody.


            How well have you defined your target market?

            Sales volume, number of employees, position, age, sex, income?

            In answering, the ‘who’ has to be very tight.

            In fact, the tighter your ‘who’ is, the greater your opportunity to double your sales.


            Action:  Sit down and create a very tight list of the ‘who’, defined as clearly as you can.


2/        WHAT!

            What is it that you are selling?

            I know you might think this a crazy question, but so many people cannot put it in terms that I, as the potential buyer, need to know.

            If I, as the potential buyer, cannot understand the what – then am I ever going to buy?

            You might sell many things, but what is your key product?


            If you sell insurance – which type is the lead product?

            If you sell computer support – which is the lead service?

            If you sell printing – what is your lead product?


            Action:  Sit down and create a priority list defining what you sell.


3/        WHERE!

            Geographically, where are you targeting your business?

            I could say I sell worldwide.

            But I do not market what I offer worldwide.


            Especially today, with local marketing on the web, this is critical to generating the greatest value from your investment.

            Most people don’t think about this, but you should.


            Action: Determine the answer.


4/        HOW!

            Now this is the one that takes all the work.

            Do you have a sales process?

            From initial contact to close and beyond.

            Is it documented?

            Have you tested it?


            This is where most entrepreneurs make one of their biggest mistakes.  They try and bring in a sales rep before they even have a sales process.  Then, they wonder why it did not work.


            Action: Build a process.  You can do the initial one yourself, in just very simple terms, then get some help in.  This is one of the things we do for your clients.


5/        WHY

            Why are you selling this product/service?

            This is the WOW!

            Why should I, as the buyer, get excited?

            Are you as the seller excited?

            Can you really tell me, with passion, why I should buy this product?


            Forget need – people don’t buy what they need – they buy what they want.


So there you have a start on the double your sales process.  Before you can double, you first have to understand these questions.  More is coming in future articles.  Also you can:


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 Reprint and update of original article in 2015 by Coach Manny


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