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Double Their Sales


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The course and hands on guidance by Coach Manny 


This course helps you to



and implement

an effective sales strategy and the tactics

that will make it happen for you and your organization



Define, refine and make it crystal clear:

This is what I sell and to whom I sell it? 

How to define your target market, narrow and deep…so your marketing work and money will create the greatest results.

Outcome:  No longer will you be going after


instead you will be going after the

best prospects for you! 


How to define your product/service in Marketing Terms… so people will remember you and are able to refer you.  To help you grow your business. 

No more thinking about it – people will clearly understand what you sell and to whom.  So clear they can recommend your product/service, time after time.

Outcome:  No longer will you be trying to

sell everything – to everybody”

instead you will be selling the best solution

for this prospect.



The third step  is to answer the question –

How do you generate Leads?

Methods and techniques for Lead generation… so that you get the greatest amount of leads for your effort – any the right leads.

Outcome:  No longer will you be trying every

lead generation tool and idea that comes up –

instead you will be

using 5 major ways and

5 secondary ways.  

Focus on results.

You do not want to miss this value.

The course and hands on guidance by Coach Manny 


Then we move on to Sales Skills and Techniques!


How to Qualify and build an effective prospect list… stop spending time, effort and energy on people who are not going to buy.


Outcome:  No longer will you be going after the 

frustrating leads that never happen!

Instead you will be focused

on the best leads.



Follow up, Follow up, Follow up… stay connected to those you meet, easy, quick and consistent.

Outcome:  No longer will you be wondering

what happened!

Instead you will have a process in place that

automates your follow up.  

It never gets missed.




Building a Presentation that sells…get the buy decision when you get in front of the prospect.


Outcome:  No longer will your presentation be

“Just OK!”

Your presentation will be the best and

will result in business. 


Closing the deal – the art of listening…finish — close the deal.

Outcome:  No longer will you walk away

without the deal.

Follow the process and Your close rate will

sky rocket.


What you need to support the process of selling!


Development of customer service that creates customers for life and referrals…so that you do not lose customers, but even more — they lead you to more business.




CRM – the brain center of effective selling in today’s market… so you can automate a great deal of the work that anyone can do, and you can focus on selling.




Credit/collections – if you don’t get the money – it is not a sale…get your money fast, easier and save hours of chasing accounts.




What you need to keep going and dominate the market:


Consistency/Persistence/Self-Discipline…so that you can hire a replacement if you want.


Just look at what you get:

       12 video lessons.

        An intense Study Guide

       full of examples and exercises to use

          Add to that Over 50 additional videos and

         articles from Coach Manny


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Intense Training to Helping you Double Your Sales

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Double Your Sales