Prepare More – Sell More

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“Selling more is possible only when extra effort is expendedin the area of preparation.”

Zig Ziglar


You wouldn’t build a new office building without a plan – would you?

Ora new dream house without a plan.

Or start a new product line without knowing how you will do it.0028


Yet, for selling – so many people do one of these two things.


  • They don’t prepare, andinstead,they use that ‘shoot from the hip’ method.
  • They get lost in preparation and never execute.


Either way,it leads to failure.


Zig was the master of sales.


If you have read any of his books, you willunderstand how he prepares you and I.  And if you have not read his books, then get all them today and read every single oneof them multiple times.


Today, let me walk you through 3 things that can help you increase your sales.  Yes, it is very basic – fundamentals.  However,just like the great athletes, fundamentals win the game.  That is why the real stars are always practicing fundamentals beforethe game.


Listen to Coach Manny speaking this article:


Make sure yours are extraordinary.


1/        Preparation the “when.”


Block out the time for prospecting


This week, I am going to prospect as follows:

Monday           2-4       Phone

Tuesday           9-12     Drop by

Wednesday     2-4       Phone

Thursday         1-5       Drop by

Friday              9-12     Phone


            Block the time.

            Put it on your calendar.

            Treat it like any other appointment you have.

When others want the time you have set aside for prospecting– you answer, “I’m busy at that time, but what about this time.”


Do this, andyou will be amazed by the results you create.


Anddon’t just do this for prospecting either, but also do it for all the things you must get done.  Treat everything like an appointment, andyou will be simply amazed by the results.


The learn more about that amazing capability, check out “90 Days to Your Success.”



2/        Prepare the “who.”

Have your data ready to go.

I still am “old school” and like a sheet with all the data on it that I can update.Podcast_Cover (1)

I justfind I can do the calls at lightning speed this way.


Phone numbers of the person to connect – cell is the best method today.

Names – the right name and how to pronounce it correctly. If you have a problemwith names, as I do, get some help.  Ask.


Have any important information about the call onhand.

Maps – if you are on the road, where it is.  Don’t try and figure it out later.

Location – which location are you going to? Is it where the person will be?

Giveaways– what do you have as a leave behind.  Thisis a whole different discussion, but you need to leave something that is useful and keeps you top of mind.   Something that theywill put on theirdesk is very good.


Follow up emails – what are you going to say – not now but after the calls get done.

You can usesome great automation here.


CRM – I am old school, but I have seen many that can do it amazinglyfast on the computer.  If you are one of them, then go for it.  If not sure, stick with paper for now.



Have more than enough names on your list or contact database, so you never have to worry about running out of people to call. That is just plain and simply not acceptable.



3/        Prepare Yourself to win


Thisis the one thing missed most times orjust left out in training and education.

I learned it from the best, Tony Robbins.


Tony teaches you to pump yourself up before you speak, sell or have a meeting with anyone.

Get yourself in the frame of mind.

Prepare for battle.

Get ready for the show.

Pump it up.

Get motivated.

Fresh mind.

            This is a mental battle, and so many people lose it right here.


Spend the time in your car – if you ever saw me prepare before I go into a prospect or client, you might think I am crazy.  I get fired up.  I get my mental game 500% higher than normal.  Then, I am amazing, and the client has a great experience.


Spend time in the restroombefore you walk in.

Clear your mind.

Get ready.

Mentally prepare.


Clear the battlefieldsof your mind.

Push forward to win.


Thisis what the superstarslike Tony do.

Thisis why they are superstars.

What are you going to do?


Then, prospect for the time you allocated.

Do nothing else.


Phone – call quickly.


Call again.


Call again and again and again.


In person.

Stop by.

Get in.


Quick note.

Next stop.


If you do this process for 30 days,you will never have to look back.

Because you will have more business than you ever thought possible.


Prospect every day.

I don’t care if you are out of town.

At training.

On sales calls all day.

Prospect every day.


Every day at least one hour.


Consistency makes it work.

Watch this video.


Do you wantto be extraordinary?

Then this is your key.


We also now have a great tool to help you.

Check out 90 Days to Your success – today.