How Do I Build My Business

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Whether A New Business or an Existing one

You need Systems and processes.


Listening to a podcast from one of my clients the other day, he said very simply,“They can teach you how to be an accountant, lawyer, plumber, salesperson.  We have schools and we have training programs, but what about how to run a business. You can go to school and you can learn the ‘how to’ in many skills, but when it comes to running your own business as an accountant or lawyer or plumber, there is no school, so what are you to do.”


How does one who is a great accountant and wants to start his/her own firm do it?  What do they do to build a successful business?  Some of you might already be there, you might be the best of the best at your trade, but you are not a businessperson.  So, what do you do to make your business as good as you are?  How do you create a law firm that is as good as you are a lawyer?  How do you create a plumbing company that is as good as you are as a plumber?


How do you make it happen?


The number one way you can make this happen is by building successful systems and processes that work.  Plain and simple.  The big companies have always known it.

New Book From The Coach
New Book From The Coach


So whether you are just thinking about it, have been in business for a long time, and are still struggling or you tried it in the past and it did not work, you need systems.


I was working with one of my clients this morning who knows this and makes it happen every day.  This CEO has taken his company to unbelievable levels of success because he drives and builds systems for everything.  There is a process, a way, this is what you need, and this how you do it and this is how we do it as an organization.


We were working on how he could take these systems and acquire other firms not doing so well and turn them around.

You can do that successfully because the systems you have work.


If you are thinking you want to be a business owner, an entrepreneur or you have a business and you are get pulled in every direction, living in a reactive instead of proactive environment, you need some systems.


Working with another client over the past few months, we brought in a new COO and that COO has been able to build and implement systems that have taken this company from crutches to sneakers and on their way to running shoes.


I am a system guy from training.  I grew up as a programmer and system person and I understand that systems, automated or manual, make a difference in getting you better, big and more profitable results.


Today I want to talk about a few systems you need to have to get started and move forward with your business to be more effective and to create even greater success.


1/        Sales System

I have been preaching this for a long time if you have been following me.

Who are you going after – define and find?

How are you going after them?

How does the process work?


2/        Customer Service

When a call comes in, this is what we do.

This is how we handle problems.

This is what you can do and can’t do.


3/        Hiring system

This is how we find prospective employees.

This is how we interview, evaluate, check out.

This is who does what.

This is how we decide on hiring or not.


This key to remember here is these systems do not need to be extremely complex; they do not even need to be automated.  But they need to be working.


When you have a system, then you don’t need to do it all.  You don’t have to be the person who knows and does every job because you have a system and process that tells others how to do it.


Please check out my latest book - you will love it!
Please check out my latest book – you will love it!

I know all the systems in my company, but it doesn’t do me any good, I cannot grow.  I can keep doing all the work – but is that what I really want?


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4/        Payroll System

This is how you pay.

If you have more than yourself, you need a payroll system.

This is how we get people on and take them off.

This is how we handle benefits.


5/        Accounting system

How to handle cash.


How to and when to pay bills.

How to bill and get paid.

How to make sure you are collecting.


6/        Product system

How to build your product.

How to deliver your service.

I write books and I have a system that goes from idea to print.

I do podcasts, again, from idea to live.


7/        Terminate employees

How to let people go.

Even in a small company, you need a system.



Here today, we talked about a few systems to help you.

There are many more, and with each, you operate your company better.

You cannot do it all at once, so don’t try.


What is most critical to you.

Build the system.

Test it.

Get it working


Then go to the next one.

It is amazing what happens.

You need systems to help you generate revenue and make a profit.


Targeted lead generation has been here for 100 episodes now, and we have taught many things.

I look forward to the next 100.


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What works best for you.

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