Don’t Put Too Much In Your Basket

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Have you ever felt like this at the end of the day, “what did I get done today?”

It seems like nothing.


Or perhaps you have taken the time to reflect on the day and have felt like a pinball – bouncing all over the place. If you remember how a pinball machine works you shoot the ball andthen it hits all the bouncing stuff, then you flip it up andit does it again.  Does a pinball resemble a  picture of your day at times?


Then there are times at the end of your day to look at your list and wonder – “isn’t this list bigger than when the day first started?”


This is the classic problem – there is way toomuch in your basket.

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One of the keys to success is simplythis:  Figure out not just what you need to get done today – but what you can actually get done.


Last week we talked about getting things done – what I hoped was that you had a look at the 90 Days to Your Success process.

If not, here is the link, why don’t you check it out today? 


Today, I want to talk about how to set up your basket.


Here are 3 tips that will help you arrange your basket, so that you can achieve success in your life, business and career.



1/        Determine what you want to get today – do this the night before.


Create a simple list for tomorrow, or perhaps you have a list of things you need to get done (a to-dolist), so you can just pull off what you want to do tomorrow.


It can at times be overwhelming when we look at our “to do list.”

I can’t get all that done.

Even if apply myself.

Even if I rush.

Even if I give myself less time for each task.


Does this sound like you? Okay, then it is too much.

First,you need to accept that fact and start to dump stuff off the list, thingsyou know you are never going to get to.

Just do it.


We have this crazy fear that we might get everything on the list done and have nothing left to do. 

Now I ask you, has that ever happened to you?



2/        Schedule your day.

            Now you need to put each of the things in your basket on yourschedule for the day.

            So many of your to-dolists will not contain how long it is going to take or how much time you want to spend on it today. – you need to have this on the list for each item, and not in your head.


            From this exercise,you can also see that when you match your calendar to the tasks, but you still may need to dump some more jobs.


Remember also to schedule what is called, “catch up” blocks.

These are 30-minuteblocks during your day in which you schedule a specific timeto catch up.

Yes, now put them on your calendar.


Also,remember to schedule any unexpectedtimes (or events).  Some of you will have a lot ofunexpectedevents that you need to work with every day. Get it on your calendar.  Account for the time.  Understand it affects you getting things done.



3/        Track and understand what really happened during your day.


            At the end of the day – go back and take time to understand how it really turned out.


            Why didn’t it things happen the way you planned?  Or why did they?

            What got in the way of your doing your tasks?  Was it really more important?

            Is there a pattern that starts to develop over the weeks?

            What can I do about it in the future?


            Reflect on this information.

            It will help you in building your plan for tomorrow.




Put less in your basket tomorrow.  You will soon learn this, andit will be amazing how much more you actually get done.


If you need help – that is what the 90 Days to Your Success tool is all about.

            Helps you get things done.

            Cuts procrastination

            Produces consistent results.


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