5 Keys To Building A Great Sales Process

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5 Keys To Building A Great Sales Process



“The five S’s of sports training are stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.” —Ken Doherty


The same 5 keys that build Olympic Athletics also are the 5 keys to building super sales organizations.


Do you and your team follow this process?


Today I want to examine these 5 keys and consider how they relate to sales.



1/     Stamina

Definition: the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.


Sales is a long game.

It extracts many defeats along the road.

It takes more calls, more visits, more follow up.

You have to keep climbing, all the way.


If your sales team does not have stamina, then you need no longer wonder why your sales have ceased growing.

Never accept any less than you expect.


         If your reps are not in shape, either physically or mentally, then get them there.



2/     Speed

Definition: the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate.


How fast does your sales team move?

Good sales people are always in motion.

They are always doing something.

They are energized.


If your team sits around thinking, or is often slow to move, or not impatient, then I doubtful they will be successful.


Motivate them. Make sure your team is on fire and rocketing forward at 100 miles an hour.


3/     Strength

Definition: the quality or state of being strong.


Able to leap tall building in a single bounce.

Can your team do it?

Or do they always need a break.

Are they tired?

Have they done enough for today?

Will they be able to go up against the competition and come out victorious? Will they want to?


How strong are they?

Remember, weak players breed weak players.

They have to be strong, or they need to go.


         Make that one more call before your call it a day.

         Write one more note.

         Stop by one more place.


4/     Skill

Definition:  the ability to do something well; expertise.


Prospect, follow up, present, close

Your team must be very good at all of these.

If they are not, and don’t want to or recognize they can become better, they will never be stars at the sales game.

In Olympic events, you must possess the abilities for that event.


This event is selling.

The abilities are prospecting, follow up, present and close.

If you don’t have them or are not ready to commit to getting them, then why are we having this conversation.


         This is the easy one – get them training.

         Get them up to speed and beyond



5/     Spirit

Definition: the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.


Love of the job.

Love of the hunt.

Making it a game and winning at the game.


This fifth key is that something special inside that helps you execute the other 4.

As a sales leader, this is what you give to your team to get up and rolling.


Sales is a motivational game; you have to be up.

No different than Olympic training.

You have to see the results long before you achieve them.

You can’t doubt or anticipate defeat.

Focus on the victory.


         The gold.


There you have it.

Now the question is, “how well are you doing with these?”


Does your team have them, and are they using them?

Remember, there are countless potential Olympic athletics, but only a few earn the gold.


There are many who want to be Marines, but only the few and proud make it.


There are many potentially good sales people – but only a few are stars.


If you want your organization to be a sales star, then we should talk.


Watch the video and then click below to set up a 15-minute call so we can learn more about each other.