90 Days to your Success

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The 90 days to success process is a new way of looking at your life.


Are you ready to learn how to give yourself less time and achieve tremendous results?

Are you ready to learn how to be distracted far less?

Are you ready to things done regardless of the roadblocks?


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Up to this point you might have been working with what people call ‘planning for the next year’.


That process has been around forever and it asks you to look at the next year and figure out what it is you are going to accomplish over that year and how you are going to do it.

Then, you put together the goals and the tasks needed to accomplish those goals over the next year.


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But a year in today’s world is a long time.


For some a very long time.

This can lead to us putting things off, procrastinating.


In the world of planning that can often mean you have all the great intention to get things done and work on them all year long, but just like those term papers in high school, you wait until the last minute.


It is why so much gets done in the 4thquarter. 


It is why you end up working so hard in those last 3 months to bring home stuff that you should have been working on all along.

But more so, it is why you often reach goals, but do not far exceed them.

Just think about what would happen if you worked that hard all year long.

You see, you just get it done and do it well, but what if you had done it earlier… how much better could it have been?


A spark went off in my mind and I became really inspired to build this process.


Start to think that the if I can get my hands around things, I can do them so much better.


90 Days to Success is not a new process; there is already stuff out there, but we look at it in a slightly different manner.  The key here is that you look at life in 3-month pieces as opposed to 12 months.


The payback is to help YOU get your hands around the process, making it easier to attain your desired result and even greater success.


The next question – why would I want to do this at all?


What was that my mama used to say – because I said so!


The big reason is actually very simple. It is so much easier to get your head around 90 days than 365 days. You can see and feel it happening right there in front of you.


Now when it comes to execution, in some ways this process is harder because you have to move so much faster.

You have far less time to get things done.


But in most ways, the success you achieve is totally worth the journey and the results can actually be so much greater if you follow the process.

You learn how to give yourself less time and still achieve tremendous results.

You learn to be distracted far less.

You learn that this is how much time you have and now you are going to get this done.

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Whether you are in sales, production, operations, finance or any other department out there, this process can work for you. This process will help you create amazing results whether you work for someone else or for yourself.


Just take a moment and understand what happens in corporate America today.


You spend months putting together a plan for next year.


Then what happens is that most of the real success actually happens in the final 90 days of the year. This is when push comes to shove and things have to get done.


What if you had that 4th-quarter mentality all year long?

Make the numbers and the results every 90 days.

Get your hands around that and you will understand this process.


One word of caution.


This is not a short-term solution that ignores the long-term direction.

I know some of you may be thinking this is just like so much short-term thinking in America that only cares about today.


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This is actually short-term execution, but long-term thinkingas you will see in the first part of the process. You start thinking very long term, but when it comes to execution, you are always in a 90-day window.


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