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TLG/009 – Targeted Lead Generation

10 Tips to making better cold calls with Coach Manny
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Subject: Ten Cold Call tips

Today we share these 10 tips with you:  Want to get really good, then join us on this great adventure:

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1/        Pump yourself up before you do the calls.


            Make sure you mentally believe cold calls work.


2/        Always leave a voice mail.


3/        Make sure your voice mail is effective.

            The first line has to keep them listening.


4/        If you get a friendly gatekeeper.

            Ask for his/her name.
            Ask questions.
            Make the person feel important.
            You will be amazed at what information you can get.


5/        Work in 50 minute blocks


            But consistency means every day.


6/        If you get a road block gatekeeper.


            Mark the account to call in early AM or late PM


7/        In your voice mail.

            Leave your phone number twice.

            Leave it twice clear and slowly.

            Always leave a web address.

            Spell anything that could be a question – even a maybe question.


8/        Always remember WIIFM


            What’s In It For Me?

            Remember it is about benefits for them.



9/        Go for a 10-15 minute call.



10/     Be yourself.


            Speak well.



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