The Coach Manny Sales Challenge #2


Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Business owners and anyone who has to sell!

The challenge is on – Running – and creating success!


Are you ready to take your cold calling to the next level.

After 90 days of doing this you will increase your business to new levels of excitement and income.


No, Cold Calling is not dead.


Most people are just so afraid of it, that they think it is dead to make them feel better.


Take the challenge with me and get ready to build your business.


Here is what those who participated in challenge one said?

Love the weekly calls – they keep me on target.

I always knew what to do, but this process makes me accountable.

This has not just increased by calling, it has really upped my sales game all today.

The weekly calls give me encouragement and help me understand I am not alone

I already made calls, but this process helps me spend less time and be more successful.

I am doing it – and my numbers show the results.

I no longer fear the phone, I am excited about getting on because I am closing business.

Best $30 I ever invested – sales are rocking.


Join and start today.

I am leading the charge doing this each day with you making my cold calls.

Are you up to the challenge?


Here is how it works:


Commit to make cold calls for 1 hour a day, every day you work for the next 3 months.

Start Day for this Challenge  –  August 7, 2017

End Day: 90 days later – November 3, 2017


All you need each day is 1 hour.

A list with phone numbers and names.

A script that works for you.

A pad of paper for notes

A phone.


Your job, dial for dollars.

Quick notes

No playing with gate keepers

Dial and talk – quick note and then on

Try to get 20-30 calls an hour.


If you are in

Click here to sign up today and then send me the email you are in.



Then, send me an email:


Subject: I am In (Your name)


You Name
Date you plan to start


***Sorry no, “I’ll try” allowed.

***You are either in or not.

***If you burn out – that is OK for you.

****But let’s see how this works for you.


Each day you make calls, you can send me your results for review.


Each week on Friday at noon.

Call in for the weekly challenge team call.

This will be 30 minutes of talk about how we did and what we learned and what questions we have. Open form and talk.




Sharing with the Coach and others.



If you are not ready to commit to making the calls each day, then this challenge is not for you.

But if you are.

Get your list ready.

Get your script ready.


Let’s rock and roll.


The only charge for this process including 13 weekly group call sessions is a $29.97 one time fee. I want to make sure you are serious.

Click here to sign up today and then send me the email you are in.


One hour a day.

This could really make a huge difference in your business.

Don’t hesitate – sign up today – start making calls every day with me.


Click here to sign up today and then send me the email you are in.