When You Want Sales Results – You Have To Stretch Consistently

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“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.”

Les Brown


We have talked about consistency a number of times over the past few years.  We have talked about how it is extremely important to success.


In fact, if you watch my number one video at the link below you will join thousands of others who believe that consistency is really that important.



You will see why so many people believe it and use it in order to create success.


Today, I want to add one thing to consistency, which will make it even more powerful.  That secret ingredient is stretch.


If you are consistent and you stretch – you will be amazed by the results.  You will be amazed at how you take that goal and exceed it by miles.


Stretch is the magic ingredient that will make consistency explode with tangible results.


Let me share a couple of examples with you about consistency and stretch working together.


1/         Walking

I had a goal to walk 2 miles a day and thus 60-62 miles a month depending on the month.

Consistency of walking everyday would make this happen and achievable; however, the question is always, “what happens if you miss a day?”


So I added stretch, I walked 3 miles on the days I could, meaning that I stretched out my goal.


Now, when I missed a day, if I had two stretch days, I made it up and was immediately back on goal.


My results told the story.  I had a tough month and actually missed 7 walking days – my consistency was a bit off.  However, because I added stretch to it and walk 3 miles enough days, I actually ended the month at 67 miles, which meant I was five over target.


2/         Sales.

I need to meet face to face with 20 people a month to close the amount of business that my goal is set to.  If I have a target of meeting with a person every day, for an average of 20 work days a month, I will make my goal.


But again, we know life happens and so there will be days because of whatever reason, I do not do a one on one.

Yet, if I stretch some days and do 2 or even 3 on a day, I will match my goal, or I could even exceed my goal and reach a stretch goal of 25.


I implemented this and here is what happened. I missed a few days, yet I got 26 one on one’s done, which is 6 over goal.  In total, this is 1 over my stretch goal.


Think about how you could apply this to the things you do in your life and business.

Debt payoff – consistency of paying $1,000 a month, to a stretch of $1,500.

Cold Calls – consistency of doing 50 calls a day, to a stretch of 75-100.


Define the consistency you need to accomplish.

Define the stretch you can do.

Then execute – you will be amazed.


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Exercise 2:


What goals are you working on that seem to give you some trouble?


Pick one you can track over a month.

This way, you can break it down into days.

Then, stretch some days and watch what happens.


Let’s say you need to sell $100,000 worth of product a month.

There are 20 working days in an average month.

So that comes to $5,000 in sales a day.

So your goal is to close $5,000 a day or $25,000 a week.


So your stretch goals can be $30,000 a week or $6,000 a day.


Now, even if you miss goal, you can still make your number because of your stretch, $6,000*20 = $120,000, which gives you $20,000 in potential overage.

Stretch whenever you can and watch what happens to your numbers.


What usually happens is you make your stretch your norm.



Try it on something you are working with and see how it works.


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Stop letting anything hold you back. Stop Settling. Go for the gold.


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