Tough Prospects Build Great Salespeople

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Great quote from the master, Zig Ziglar.2D-2


When we encounter the tough prospect and the tough sale, we must remember that tough prospects are our best teachers.


And if all sales were easy then anyone could do it and we wouldn’t be making the big bucks.


Remember – we are all selling.  You might not be selling to a customer of the company, but you definitely will have to sell to your boss, spouse or anyone else you need to get an agreement with.  Selling is part of success.


You need the tough prospect to become a superstar.

It makes you a great salesperson.

It helps you build success.

It teaches you and helps you achieve your goals.


Some keys to help you:


1/         When you can’t get the meeting.

            Ask yourself – is this a real prospect?

            Do they really need what you are selling?

            Do you believe in what you are selling?


            Then don’t stop.

            Keep going.

            Find new, innovative ways to get into the account.

            Be persistent.


            I use to sell computer contracting to Fortune 1000 companies.  Every month I had a list of 200 companies that I would call. Sometimes I got through, sometimes I left a voice message.  But I called them every month.  “Hello, this is Manny, just checking to see if you have any needs this month and if you are ready to talk about us working with you.”   Month after month.  12, 18, 24 months.  I knew these companies used what I sold, they were just not buying from me, yet.  Then the day came.  I called and got through to the director.  Use my normal line.  He/she says, “Manny, you are one persistent person, get in here, I have a need and I want to talk with you about it.”  Most others had given up, I never give up.  Then the deal closes and now you have an ongoing customer.  Time after time this worked.



2/         When they are not getting back to you after you did a presentation.

            Did you do a good job?

            Were they interested when you finished?

            Can the people you presented to make the decision?


            Then get innovative.

            Find new ways to get in.

            Don’t stop.

            Don’t give up.


            I want to hear either “yes” or “no” and I keep going until you tell me one or the other.  Don’t assume if they are not getting back to you that they are not interested.  They might just be busy.


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3/         When they first say “NO” during the presentation.

            Keep going.

            “No,” is not always “no.”

            “No” many times is, simply, you have not convinced them.

            You have not “sold” them.

            Perhaps you are boring them.


            Find out why they are saying “no?”

            Ask more questions?

            Dig deeper.

            You need many more “no’s” before you give up.


            Great sales almost always start with no.


            When you ask your spouse to marry you, or he/she ask you, was the first answer “no?”  If it was, did you give up?


            Children teach us so much, do they take “no” seriously if they really want something?


            We give up too easily.

            “No” simply means you have to keep working.




If you want to be a great salesperson, then you have to go through tough sales situations.


When you think about it, haven’t you been through this before?

I went through Marine boot camp successfully because – “no” was not an option.

You made it through law school because – “no” was not an option.

You ran the race and won because “no” was not an option.


The harder it is.

The tougher you get.

The tougher you get.

The greater your success.


Failure creates success.

Tough prospects are part of the road to get there.

Keep on rolling.

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