Success Means Doing The Most Important Things

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Which many times means leaving the other stuff behind.


When you try and get more done, manage your time and become more productive, it does come down to priorities.


All of us have way too much to do.

None of us can do it call.

Stop letting anything hold you back.  Stop Settling.  Go for the gold.
Stop letting anything hold you back. Stop Settling. Go for the gold.


Yet, most of us want to.

How do we make it happen?


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90 Days to Your Success helps you to put a form on it.

Yet it still requires you to make many tough decisions.


This is why most time management systemsdon’t work.

Because they overwhelm you with details.


They require you to become a detailed person and many of us are not.


Today I want to share with you 3 keys that will give you more time and help to make time work for you.


I havebeen here before, I failed, I learned, and I tried again.

I’m still not sure I’ve got it all, but I, just like you, keep on rolling.


1/        Automation

            Automate everything that can be automated.

            If a system can do it, then let the system do it.

            From simple reminders to the follow-upsequences of emails.

            If a system can do it, then so be it.

            If you are not sure, then do some research.


            I hear this story all the time from salespeople:  “The new CRM system is the biggest pain I have ever had.  I spend 2 hours a night catching up.  And the sad part is that after 6 months of doing it likethey said – there’sno new sales.”


            Don’t automate just to automate.  Automate because it allows you time to do other stuff so you can increase your output.


Follow up is the number one issue holding people back from selling more.
Follow up is the number one issue holding people back from selling more.

2/        Delegate

            I heard a great piece of advice the other day on building a business.

            The question was, “who is the first person you need to hire in a business?”

            The answer was very simple: either a VA (virtual assistant) or a liveassistant.

            One or the other.


            So many times we as business owners don’t see the need until it is so late that we are under the pile of junk with no way out.

            And even then, many still don’t see it.


            Get an assistant who can help you.

            Stop doing $15 an hour work.


            Start today and make this happen in your business.

First, make a list of everything you do as you do it over the next two weeks.

            Then go through the list and for each item ask, can it be done by someone else?

            If it can, then give it away to someone else.


            Stop saying you cannot afford it – find a way to afford it. You can hire a VA for an hour a week. Yes, as little as 1 hour a week can make a significant difference


            Stop making excuses, you will be amazed when you start doing the things you should be doing and someone else does everything else. Your productivity goes sky high!



3/        Dump

            This is the easiest, yet it really is the hardest.

            Dump everything that doesn’t need to be done.

            You might come back later, but for now,dump it.


            As I write this article to you, I have to take this advice myself.


Automate it, delegate it, or dump it.

What is left is the stuff you really should be doing.

What you will find, what is left, is the stuff you excel at.


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