Leaders Must be Warriors, not Worriers

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Change a couple of letters and it could be either way.
Are you a worrier, or are you a warrior when it comes to building your business and your life?IMG_7961
Do you spend your time worrying about what is going to happen, or what is happening?  Are you a leader taking the reins and making things happen or thinking about them?
Are you a warrior or a worrier?

Today, I want to share 10 things that can help you move from being a worrier to a warrior.

  1. Nothing happens until you make a decision – except worry.
My mom was a giant worrier.  She was great at advising, but when it came to worrying she was number one.  You have to learn that the solution to worry is action.  
  1. You achieve what you focus on.  
When you focus on the worry piece and think about all the bad outcomes, that is what happens.
Especially during this global pandemic, I have heard so many people talk about the bad side, while others have been making a mint.
Focus on the positive, on what you can do, and you will be amazed by the results.  If you had a hard time during the pandemic, what can you do post-pandemic, what are the opportunities?  Think and grow.
  1. Action creates results – worry creates ulcers, headaches and many other physical alignments. 
When you want an answer, reach out and take an action.  You will be amazed.
  1. Stop listening to all the negative, focus on the positive instead. 
One of the reasons I no longer watch or even listen to the news.  The focus is all wrong.  When you want to get rid of your worry, you need to surround yourself with positive people and actions.
  1. Look at what is working and see how you can improve it.
One of the things we teach is strength-based leadership.  It is based on getting better at what you are good at, and finding a way to get done what you suck at.
Same with worry, focus on what is not worrying you and you will be amazed at how quickly and easily the answers about dealing with your worry items come to you. Move forward.
  1. Discuss your worries with your team, address them as a team. 
The old saying is still so true.  It is easier to fix the problem when you have more options than one.  Sometimes we get so bound up in the worry that we cannot see the blue sky on the other side.  Share and get input, then make the decision you need to.
  1. Look at the options and make the best decision you can with the information you have. 
So many times, we hesitate, hold back, and cost ourselves time, money and energy.  You will never have all the answers, but the sooner you take a path, the sooner you see more of the answers and be able to select the best one.  Movement causes you to get closer to the solution.  Worry is like a parked car – going nowhere.
  1. If you make a mistake or fail.  Learn from it, correct it and move forward. 
While solving our worries, we often create additional problems, that is life.  Each mistake and failure can lead us closer to the solution that works. 
I have spent a great deal of my time in building software.  Many times, we had to try solutions without having all the answers, and without knowing for sure it would work,  So, we tested it, tried it and we learned.  The other solution would be to just think about it, but that doesn’t work and the customer is frustrated because you are not moving forward.
  1.    No matter what we do, the sun comes up every morning. 
Spring always follows winter.  The day always follows the night.  It is the way of the world.  So, start looking for the answers and start moving forward by making decisions, and knowing you will find the solution.
  1. How you lead is how your team leads – set the right example. 
If you sit around and worry all the time, I guarantee you if I come look at your team, the members all do the same thing.  You do not want to create a team of worriers.  You want to create a hard, strong, wise-action team of warriors.  If you don’t worry, neither will your team.  Go forth.
Making decisions is a key to great success.  At Coach Manny, we have one focus – fixing your company.  Helping you make decisions that will take you where you want to go as an organization.
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