How to Move to Remote Working Teams – Coronavirus May Drive You There

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It seems technology might be a great resource to keeping you and your team working and perhaps safe during this time of fear.


Are you ready to move your team to working remotely?


Can this be done for your business?

Some businesses it cannot – but what can you do?


The great thing about this situation is that it is making us think of how we can use technology much more in our business.


Business may never go back to normal, but we must continue to do business.


What can you do to move your business team to working remotely?  Let’s look at 3 things that can help you in making this happen.  Yes, there are many more, but we have to start some place.


1/         Move meetings to video conferencing

I happen to use Zoom, but there are other tools out there as well.


You all know how I feel about meetings, (if not click below to check this article on my blog)


This process will eliminate many of the meetings that are just not needed.

But it will also help with keeping you on path and holding those meetings that are necessary.


It is different, but you can get used to it very quickly if you have an open mind.  You might move forward using this tool more and more in the future because it works for your team.


With these tools, you can have just audio or audio and video.

Plus, you can run this process from most any computer or smart phone.


If you use video, you can see the people, share documents and operate just like a regular meeting. We use it all the time with client meetings, education and training.


Less travel, less time and less meetings which all equal higher productivity.


Get started today and keep your process working effectively.


2/         Security is a key issue.

Make sure your teams have access to the data they need and that it is a safe access path.


Many companies are leaving to many doors wide open, make sure you check your security or connect with someone who can verify and help you make sure your data is protected. Get professional help to make sure you have the right tools and processes in place.



Virus or not, the hackers are alive and getting worse all the time.



3/         Stop thinking productivity will fall.


The fact is that productivity in so many cases will actually go up.  I have been working with remote teams for over 20 years, back to when technology was nowhere near what it is today.


People who have to commute less are more productive.


People who work from home do not get involved in chit chat and people stopping by all day long to talk.


So what if you throw a load of wash in – or set up the crock pot for dinner – you will spend a whole lot less time doing those things than you spend today in chit chat.


Plus there is no problem in working over, you are already home which means you do not have to think about the drive home.


The fact is that many people continue to check information, emails and even log in and do a little work long after normal work hours are over.


You may find that you might never go back to the way things were, that this actually might be a blessing. That you can move a bunch of your people and process off site and increase efficiency at the same time.


As I write this, more and more things are being canceled and closed.  Time is critical so if you can be ready or if you just do it, you might be ahead of the game.

is the link to set up your account.  Much of this tool is free.


Here are 9 tips about remote meetings that might help you.  From a past article.


1/         Start becoming a better listener

A/        Listen to what is really being said.

B/        Hear the attitude

C/        Pay attention to the speed

D/        Listen for impatience


2/         Be totally prepared for the meeting.


3/         Take good notes – don’t do this while driving, you miss too much.

4/         If possible – record the meeting.  Or have the organizer record it and make it available to all participants.

5/         Ask more questions.

6/         Ask for people to repeat stuff – just so those that missed can hear.

7/         You repeat stuff to make sure it is getting through correctly.

8/         Get more input from others

9/         Stick to and stay on agenda and times.


If we can help you in any way, please connect with me.  Set up a 15 minute call.


Send me an email with your question or comment.