Fundamentals in Sales

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In basketball, when you have to practice fundamentals – it means going to the foul line.


In golf, fundamentals means hitting balls and balls and balls.


In soccer , it means kicking the ball again and again and again until it does what you want every time.


In sports, it is always about fundamentals.

When you have a problem and are not hitting the target, what does the coach say every time? “Get back to the fundamentals.”


Based on that sound assumption, when it comes to sales, why would it be any different?

It would not.

Why do we, as sales people, look at every other solution out there but fundamentals.


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Social Media?

Linkedin Systems?



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How about working, practicing a sales call?

Sounds too simple to me, Manny!


When you talk to the great superstars, you find they were practicing foul shots 2 hours before the game. And they already had an average of over 90%.


They hit 1000 golf balls before lunch and already had no handicap.


They scored 3 goals the last game and have been working on their kick for the past 2 hours.


The best.

You, as a sales person, can do this too by working these 3 things.


1/         Rehearse the call hundreds of times in your mind

Over and over and over again.

Go through it in your mind.

Look at every possible outcome.

Look at every possible action and reaction

Again and again and again.

See it, feel it, know it cold.


2/         Get a partner and practice.

Turn your backs to each other and take turns doing calls.

Do it.

Again and again and again.

Learn from each other.

Stop letting anything hold you back.  Stop Settling.  Go for the gold.
Stop letting anything hold you back. Stop Settling. Go for the gold.

Tell each other the issues, the pain, the problems.

Then work them together until you both have a smooth calling process.

Then practice some more.


3/         Go through every call before the dial.

In your mind, see it, feel it, know it.

When you get on the call, you will find you know the answers to the questions, to the actions, to the reaction.

You know it all cold,

And you have a very high chance to close the deal.


Simple fundamentals.

Just as the guy/girl who never makes it – remembers they blew off the coach.

So the average sales person remembers they blew off their manager and didn’t blow away the goals..


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