Failure to Hit the Bull’s-eye is Never the Fault of the Target -Part II

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Back Again to look at more proof of this great advice from Mr. Paul Jeffers. 


Did you start going for the gold?

For the middle of the target?


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Did you get that project approved?0048

Did you get a higher percentage of the deal?

Did you sell the big one?


Remember what we told you last week

If you don’t’ succeed, whose fault is it?



Today, let’s take some time today and look at five more things we could and should do better.

Recap: the first five.

1.         Are we listening?


2.         Were we listening the last time the prospect said something?


3.         Did we ask for the order?


4.         When we did not close, did we try again?


5.         Are we comfortable with getting a “no?”


Now on with the show – here are this week’s five.


6.         Did we really believe the deal was ours when we walked in.

            Before we walk in.

            Were we that confident

            Was it written all over us.

            Did we look the part – the professional?


7.         Do we really understand that thing call being “humble.”

            Shut up and listen.

            Stand up and be strong when you must.



8.         Did we make it that good that the prospect could not refuse to buy.

            Did we present it right?

            Did we highlight the right things? (because we knew, because we listened).

            Because we knew the buyers real needs?


9.         Did we sell “us.”

            If the prospect did not buy us – we are crazy to think he/she would buy the product.

            All things being even people buy from people they like – we all know that.

            But, all things not being equal – people still buy from people they like.


10.       Do we really think we needed all these things?

            That we need to think, practice, work it and ask for the deal.

            Or did we think we were too good for that?

            Practice?  Me?  I am a professional?

            Professionals practice more than anyone else – maybe that is why they are professionals.


If you are not closing the deal – then take some real time to look at these.


Failure Creates Success

Never let failure stop you from building your life and going after the gold.
Never let failure stop you from building your life and going after the gold.

Remember what Paul Jeffers said:

“Failure to Hit the Bull’s-eye is Never the Fault of the Target.”


First you have to admit you are not hitting the target, or you are not hitting it as well as you want.

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