Failure to Hit the Bull’s-eye is Never the Fault of the Target -Part I

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Great piece of advice from Mr. Paul Jeffers. 


Think about it, the target is simply an inanimate object.

Think about the targets in your life, things you are trying to hit.  How are you doing?


Get that raise?

Close that customer?

Get approval to move forward?

If you don’t’ succeed, whose fault is it?


Further Mr. Jeffers added: “Failure to buy is never the fault of the prospect.”

So stop blaming them and start doing what needs to be done.


We spend a great deal of time trying to get people to believe it is anyone’s fault but our own.


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Let’s take some time today and look at the first 5 things we could and should do better.  The second 5 we will give you next week.


1.         Are we listening?

            Do we really hear what is being said or do we hear what we want to hear?

            Or do we hear at all?


2.         Were we listening the last time the prospect said something?

            Listening, not trying to figure the answer.

            Listening, not trying to develop a strategy.

            Listening, not waiting for a break so we could talk.


3.         Did we ask for the order?

            Not dance around it.

            Not play with it.

            Are you ready to buy today?

            When can we schedule delivery?

            Or simply – are you going to buy or not?


4.         When we did not close, did we try again?

            Did we try a different way?

            Did we practice beforehand and were we ready for whatever the prospect did?


5.         Are we comfortable with getting a “no?”

            Or do we like to dance around the question?

            Never really ask?

            Better to walk out without an answer than with a “no” – wrong.


Did you close the deal or not.

If not, then you better think and work these 5.

Next week we will give you the second 5.


Failure Creates Success

Sales comes from working hard and working smart.

From trying and trying and trying again.

Are you doing the right things, the right way?

Are you closing the deal?

If not, we should talk.


Remember what Paul Jeffers said:

“Failure to Hit the Bull’s-eye is Never the Fault of the Target.”


First thing – admit you need help.

Second thing – get the help you need to make it happen.

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