Be 100 percent committed to the task you are doing

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Day 223 Tip

Too hot today, isn’t it?


But it is still a great morning.

This is Coach Manny.

Today, we’re going to talk about that 100 percent commitment, that 100 percent commitment to making something happen.


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Instead of trying to do 17 things, why don’t you do one thing instead and do it so well that you rock the world.

I want you to think about that for me.

Do one thing so well that you rock the world.


What’s the one thing you can do to make that difference?

Just start simply, throughout your day, instead of trying to do six things and do them all over the place and do them poorly, let’s focus.


You know what you want you to do?


We talked about that a little while ago on one of these quick chats.


One thing is enough.

I watch people, they go crazy.

They’re doing this and this and this and this.

And they’re doing it all like junk.

A little bit here.

A little bit there.


If you want do something well, if you want to be the best, then you have to focus.


This is coach man.

It’s hot out here today and it’s “Jersey” hot.

And if you’re in Jersey, you know what I mean?


Anyhow, we’re here.

Get out there and focus and have a great weekend.


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Coach Manny saying have a great one.