10 Tips That Will Make Your Cold Calls More Successful

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10 Tips That Will Make Your Cold Calls More Successful



“They’re called ‘cold calls’ because of the shiver that runs up your spine every time you have to make one.”

Guerrilla Selling


We all love to make cold calls, don’t we?


Forget that line that “cold calling is dead.”

Never buy into it.

If you cold call consistently, you will get appointments, and you will close business.


Cold calling is alive, and if used in conjunction with other tools, will increase your sales to phenomenal new levels of success.


Start today with these tips to help improve your cold call skills:

To watch each of these on a video by itself, check out my youtube channel:


Playlist – Cold Calling Tips


1/     Pump yourself up before you call.

People can identify your attitude and how enthusiastic you are about what you are doing.

If you come across excited and ready to roll, you might just make that appointment.

Make sure you believe cold calls work.


2/     Always leave a voice mail.

There are all kinds of arguments on this subject, but after much research, I have to agree, “always leave a voice mail.”

Even if they only listen to part of it, you are now in their space.

If they see or hear anything about you – they are more likely to make the connection.


3/     Make sure your voice mail is effective.

The best methods to fill your sales funnel!
The best methods to fill your sales funnel!

The first line must keep them listening and engaged.


“Hi, my name is Manny Nowak, number 856 358 4021,” does not work.


Get creative.

You want them to call you back, not hit delete.


“Are your sales at the level you want?”


“Are you spending too much on printing?”


“Need to pay your sales people more because they are so successful?”


4/     If a friendly gatekeeper answers the phone, then:

Ask for his/her name.

Ask him/her questions.

Make the person feel important.

You will be amazed at what information they can give you.


***Listen to these plus more on this weeks podcast***

Targeted Lead Generation



5/     Work in 50-minute blocks.

Always, always do at least one block a day – this might be enough.

Cold calling works because it is consistent, but consistency means doing it every day.


6/     If a roadblock gatekeeper, someone who won’t let you go any further, answers, then mark the account to call in early AM or late PM.

Call them before 8AM or After 5PM.


7/     In your voice mail:2D-2

Leave your phone number twice, clearly and slowly.

Always leave a web address.

Spell anything that is confusing, or even could be confusing.


Manny Nowak, 856 358 4021.

On the web at CoachManny.com, that is M-A-N-N-Y.

Manny Nowak, 856 358 4021.



8/     Always remember, WIIFM.

The person on the other end of the line wants to know,

What’s In It For Me?

Remember, for them, it’s about benefits.

It’s not about the features of your product.

It’s not about you.

What’s in it for them?


9/     Aim for a 10-15 minute call.

Ask if they’d prefer to schedule one in the next few days, or if they have time to talk right now.

Always be prepared to go right now if they give you the time.

Be in top form.


10/    Be yourself.


Speak well.

You cannot pretend to be like someone else.

Talk to the person as though they are sitting on your living room couch.

Make them comfortable and at ease.


Work with these 10 tips, and start putting them into your call.









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We have more to share with you in the future.


Get out there, and get those appointments.


And remember, cold calling does work.

Want to talk – take 15 minutes on a day and time that works for you.