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Stop Getting Sucked Into Other People’s Priorities

Let’s take a moment and just think about this.


You start your day – do you have your priorities for the day?

The things that you want to do.

The things you want to accomplish.

New Book From The Coach
New Book From The Coach

And by 8:30 am, you already got sucked into someone else’s priority.

From 8:30 am till the end of the day, you are working on someone else’s priority.

But what about you? What happens to yours?

Then about 6: 00 pm, you say, I got to get back to my business priorities, when you really should change your focus at that time to your personal priorities.

So your family’s priorities take a backseat because you are still trying to get your business stuff done.

Reason being that all day long, you have gotten sucked into someone else’s priorities.


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