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Lead Generation in both the Coronavirus time and in the post Coronavirus time

An interview with VSA CEO Ms. Valerie Schlitt1-ValerieSchlitt@2x-1-300x300

Cold Calling is very hard

Cold calling is not dead.

Two great statements from Valerie during the interview.


VSA is here to help you generate business.

They help bring the two keys to success, process and technology together.


Making the calls, setting the appointment, helping find the answers.


During this time it is easier to reach people and they are more willing to talk.

Depending on the industry of course.


How you tailor your message is critical to success.


VSA is here to help you design your program

They spend the time making sure the details are right

    From how many emails

    To how many voice mails to leave and so much more.

   Setting appointments for you.


You must have a good list.

Invest in the list.

If you don’t invest in a good list, why do any more.


VSA helps you with getting better results


VSA gives you weekly reports

Letting you know where they are and where you are.

Keeping you uptodate.


Coronavirus Special for you:

No Prep Fee

10% Reduction on calling cost.


To learn more

Connect with Valerie direct:


Website:   http://vsaprospecting.com