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SEO with Deepak

Listen to this great interview with Deepak ShuklaHeadshot 2


One busy guy doing what he loves.


Deepak started by doing his own SEO.

Generate leads for the business

They spend the first year building their own SEO

Linkedin outreach

Cold Email

Some Freelance platforms


They use what they sell, they now are using SEO to generate own leads 24-60 a month

Then close 2-4


Today 80% of their own lead generation is SEO.


Practice what they preach.


The Goal at Pearl Lemon is to become totally working inbound leads for self.

Doing what they are selling


How can SEO help you generate leads.

Time, money and frustration will be saved because you don’t really need business development people.

But you can use sales reps that work on commission only.  Because they get the leads.  No salary expense.

Quality of conversation and close so much better – they will come to work with you.



In addition to SEO also recommend using:

Email campaigns

Cold calls

They still do them, but have found better, and more leads through SEO


SEO brings you a better lead.


Time, Money, Knowledge

It does take this.

But then, when does success not require any of these things.


Before you get rolling.

Determine your business growth goal.

What does it look like.


Once you have direction then you can look at process and at SEO.


You have to be all in.


You have to work through issues and concerns.

But if you stick in there you will make it work.

It does take a good amount of time, you cannot do it in 40 hours a week.


SEO can do it

But is is a process

Freedom and security comes, but it comes after you do the work.


Success can mean.

Using the right agency

Working with the right person

Or even self learning.


SEO takes 6 months to get rolling.  You do not get much the first 6 months.

But it is part of a multi piece process.

You can add account based selling

You can add Linkedin is a key tool in Business to Business.

You can do some traditional stuff.


Communications with the client


Who are you reporting to can determine what they need to see?

Business owner?

Third party consultant




What does the customer want.


How many leads

Top line number

Keys words


and always remember to talk with the client.


To learn more about Pearl Lemon



To connect with Deepak email: