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052  How our sales training can play an important role in helping you become more successful at selling

 Special Guest:  Lisa PeskinLisa picture

Business Development University

Subject:  Sales

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

Using her experiences to help you avoid making the same mistakes.


Source of business analysis tool – where is your business coming from.


What can this process do for you?

Help you to:

      Keep existing clients

      Upsell cross sell existing base

      Get new customers in the door


Are you doing the right activities to fill your pipeline with qualified prospects?


What is the process you take a prospect through?


Game plan – do you have one?

Is someone holding you accountable?




Best ways to improve sales performance?

Best 3 areas to improve – need to find these.


Tools available on Lisa’s website – take a look.



Don’t present before you qualify the client?


Are you asking the right question – one that will open the mind of your prospect?


You don’t always need a big change.

Sometimes it only takes a little adjustment and you can create unbelievable results.


Check out the website for all the tools that are available to you.




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What are the key reasons sales people are not successful.

            Not enough activity.

            Wrong activity.

            Right activities wrong.


Numbers don’t work on paper, they are never going to work in reality.

Sales leadership – what should they be doing to maximum their team output.

            Treat people like people.

            How can you help each rep get to the next level.


            Assess the situation


            Regular planning sessions with each player.

            Go out in the field with the reps – show them how.

            Effective sales meetings

            Provide feedback –

            Are we giving them the right incentives.


            8-12 touches to get in touch with a prospect

            Need a multi touch system

            Most people give up way to early


            Lisa’s target market – B to B.  1-20 sales people.


            Have a conversation with Lisa – no obligation.


            215 651 6977


            Website:         www.BusinessDevelopmentUniversity.com


            Connect up with Lisa on Linkedin.


Lisa is writing a book – do you have any stories about how you overcame obsticales, let her know.


            Squeeze the lemon

            How do I get the most juice out of every situation – you need to define this.

            Look at all you do – how does this apply.

Connection Data:

Lisa –

215 651 6977

            Website:         www.BusinessDevelopmentUniversity.com

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