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051 Are you working the best prospects?

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Subject:  Sales and Marketin

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

How do you make sure you are working the best prospects?



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If you don’t have your target market very well defined, you could be leaving great amounts of business on the table. 

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1/        Use some type of lead value indicator


            It is some indicator on the prospect’s record that tells you that this person has been taking action that you want them to take. 

            They are active.

            They are hot.

2/        Manage the expiration date of your product/service.

            If you are selling a product/service that has an expiration date, you should have a process that makes you aware of those whose date is coming up and whose product is expiring. 

             Understanding when the buying time is coming is so key. 


3/        Follow up tradeshow leads.

            If people have been to your booth at a show, talked to you at the show, and shown an interest, you need to go after them.


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So instead of just creating just a list, produce a fire list. 

One that is burning hot.

One that is on fire.

One that is going to help your sales team be successful.

Your list of prospects drives your sales success.

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