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031  How to Use Text Messaging For Lead Generation

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Subject:  Text Messaging

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Text Messaging – with Eli Berkowitz


According to Forbes Magazine by 2022 85% of companies will be on some type of text marketing program.


Is it time for you to embrace it early?eli head shot


Mostly B to C but can be used in B to B as well.
Keeps you in front of your customers – keeping you in the front brain of your customers.
People must opt in
They keep records as to who opted in.
This is critical.
You can do mass texting with this tool.
You can create different list – keywords define the list a person is on.



Industries whose customers come back on a regular base.


Car dealer uses it to:
            Stay in front of prospect.
            Show the car they could have had.
            Also on the service end – used to connect with customer on slow day – come on in.
Youth Sports teams
Used throughout the world

You cannot import your list, you have to get them to opt in.


Start by creating advertising for you than has the opted in information on it.

Give out physically or send out via email.

Keyword defines the list they are on.


How to select the right vendor

FCC compliant

You must have opted in to use a number.

Customer service

24/7 support


People will read the text.

Cannot promise they will take action.


98 percent of smart phone users – text.


95% of people who have smart phones text

82% of text read in 90 seconds most of the rest within 5 minutes


Most people look at cell phone 150 times a day

Stay away from 10 digit phone number codes and companies that do this.

Instead make sure they are using short codes.

Success story

Shoe store

Very skeptical

Tried it

250 names collected in 2 weeks

Called on Sunday – put out special buy on

Buy first pair then get 40% off 2nd pair.

32 showed text   12 new ones (show to friend)

32 new sales

If you want customers to come back – this is a great tool for you.



Registration fee  $499   (one time fee includes setting up DB training and Flyers.  Set up keywords and shortcode.  Also includes changes to these)


Monthly fee
$199-$149   for 5000 texts
If you need above 5000
Then pay by the thousand
Reduced pricing.



Can send attachments with the text.



Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

Connection Data:

Eli Berkowitz – eberkowitz@sentextsolutions.com


Phone/Text: 609 605 5456



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