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024 Stop Slamming and Jamming Your Email and Start Building Relationships That Create Customers for Life!

Lead Generation – The Art and Science of How To

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Subject: Slamming and Naming Your Email

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Stop Slamming and Jamming Your Email and Start Building Relationships That Create Customers for Life!

The power of email is in a good list and the real power of a great list od People who want to talk with you.


I know there are many out there who say it doesn’t matter

            But I can tell you when you upgrade your list, you upgrade your results.


Today I get ½ my business from the email I do.

Some tools:

Constant Contact





When you get the door open, don’t push your trash through it.


Tell People who you are.

Use a business email – lets people know who you work with.


Let’s talk about what would work.


1/        This person met me somewhere.

            Why didn’t they just reference that meeting and tell me something they learned about me?
            Chances are I would at least have sent back an email.
            Do you think it’s possible that they never met me? Could they be making up a story?



2/        This person knows I am in business and that like all businesspeople, generating leads is important to me.

            So why didn’t this person say something that would get me interested in learning more?


            This is why I teach that you have to educate people before you can ask for something.
            Give, give, and give some more.
            Then you can ask for something.
            Never forget this simple process – you have to educate your potential customer first.
            Give them something they can use today.
            Something that will help them.
            Something that will help them remember you helped them.


3/        This person missed out on creating a relationship.


            I am one of those people who are always trying to help others.
            If you send me an email and ask a question or request a phone conversation, I will get back to you.
            Just yesterday I got an email from a LinkedIn connection asking for a call. We are both in similar businesses and he wanted to talk.
            I sent him back my calendar program, and he scheduled a meeting.


Spamming, jamming and pushing might work a little bit, but relationships work a great deal more.


So, when you get the door opened, don’t push your trash through it. Instead, start to build a relationship that will help you both gain greater success.


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You need a tool

You need to be consistent

Investment really depends on how deep you want to go with the process.



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