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023 Facebook Live for Lead Generation

Lead Generation – The Art and Science of How To

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Subject: Networking is a Great Lead Source

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Subject: Facebook Live For Lead Generation.



Get out there and start doing these today!

Interaction is amazing – people jump on.

You never know who you get on the line – might just be that one your been trying to connect with!


You can do private session as well as public.

You can repurpose the product into other platforms.


Facebook Live creates visibility


How do you do it?

Get on

Go live


If you are comfortable on camera – you can be amazing.

But even if not, you can do this.

You can get others in your organization who are good – let them do it.

Advertise on your shirt or the back drop.

Let people know you are going to be live – date and time.

Put some posts out there.

Create a Facebook live event on the event promotion screen.

Title – what is it.

Comments – put them in

Links add stuff that helps your user.


Under 5 minutes

over 30 minutes

The choice is yours.

This is like the old infomercils.


You can do your own TV show out there.


You can walk and talk.


You can do show and tell – amazing.

Let people see.


Lighting is critical to make the video look good.

You can use natural window light – just make sure you are looking into the light.


You need to have a good internet line and fast connection.

Otherwise get a tool to help you.


Landline connection might just work better.

Ask for comments from listeners

Great tool to promote your business.


Get out there today and do this.


Facebook live is a great lead generation tool – stop hesitating.

2 Billion people out there – get to them.


Cost:  Free



how many people on line

How many comments.

How many watch the replay?



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