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018 How to Use Youtube to Generate Leads

Lead Generation – The Art and Science of How To

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Subject: How to Use Youtube to generate leads

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Subject: How to use Youtube to generate leads

This is one of the major keys I do use.

            Links to social media is so critical

            Links to email

            I do one for most of my newsletters

Like everything – consistency makes it work

                        Actually my number 1 viewed video


Practice make it better


Do videos Regular – weekly monthly


Talk about what you know


Must be educational – or funny

Must have call to action


Must focus on what is important to your audience.


Use your computer, tablet, phone, or real video camera

Know what you want to say and practice it


You will not be perfect.


Light is very important

used shop high power lights.


                        Shoot outside


Start:               Short 1-2 minutes

Then move forward:

                       4-5 minutes

                        under 10

                        Some special 1 hour



                        Keywords – tags


Website link always and always first

Promote the crap out of them


Who is your primary target for your tool?

            Busy people who don’t have time to read

            People who don’t like to read

            People who have to see it



How can I measure the results and do you give me a formal method?

            Number of views

            Number of people who take action

            CAT on youtube and track it


Do a video today!


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