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TLG/011 – Targeted Lead Generation

How to Effectively Generate Leads by getting traffic to your site and building your email list.

Today’s guest Michele Scism
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Michele is a third generation entrepreneur.


Successful, retired and back in action._michelepic 515x488


Had to learn how to drive business to her website.


Had to learn quickly.


Does not believe in making anything to difficult, let’s find the easiest way to do it and be successful.


Online success:

You have to get seen
You have to get known as a leader.
You have to get known in the business you are in.
You have to get clients.


Michele has found webinars to be very effective in

Building her list and converting those people to clients


How to use a webinar to get traffic.

Blogs and social media are great tools to drive the traffic to the webinar.

The webinar becomes the conversion tool and also the attraction tool.


Drive people to webinar.

It builds the list.

It drives people to your website.


How do you select the subject and how it is important to others.

Your ideal client will tell you exactly what they want you to tell them and teach them.

You have to listen.

What are they posting about.

Look at magazines they would read.

Look at the cover – this is a great source for key words.

Do survey’s

Ask people.



Once someone gets on your list, don’t let them forget they are on your list.

Send out email.

If you don’t, you could be forgotten.

Email on a regular base.


Double opt in.

About 1/2 do not double opt in.

But because they opted in once, so they still get email.

By using the process, it helps keep your list clean.


“People remember they got on my list, they hear from me.”  Michele


Big user of Facebook and other social media tools.

With social media you can market like a big company without spend huge sums of money.


Facebook advertising does work (see our eposide TLG 001)


When is it too much on social media – it moves so fast that it is very hard to do.


Every day post on:






Keyword utilization is very important.

You need to know and use your words.

Need to be doing a lot of things to drive traffic to your site.


Doing it for you.

Michele does webinars for you.

She can also write sales pages



Coaching -she can help you do it yourself

Teaching what to sell and how to sell.

Clear on a business plan



Social media

Indirect – like being on this show

What are the trackable things

Facebook pixel


Stop doing what is not working


Track size of your audience.

Is it growing on social media?

Is you list growing.

Are your sales growing.


Building your audience on social media is just as important as building your email list.


Watch out for when looking for help.

Many want-a-bes out there – be careful.

1/   Are they doing what they are teaching right now – are they current.

2/   Trust your gut

3/   Are they several steps ahead of where I am on the journey.


Mobile Devices

The new generation is doing everything on their phone.

Need to develop your website to be easy to read on a mobile device.

Make sure you have a tool that shows you how your lead pages look on both platforms

Check out: Click Funnels


Knows what you are doing is critical.  So many people are brilliant at what they do.

But they don’t know how build a business

That is where coaching comes in, but

Coaching requires you to do it




Connection Data:

Email:  michele@decisiveminds.com

Website:  www.decisiveminds.com


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