What is your sales team doing? Hunting or Farming?

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Both are effective sales methods, but?


Are you spending too much time farming and not enough time hunting? This means that you are starving in the short term, and may never make it to the long-term.


Look at your sales process and ask yourself?

Is this a hunting process?

Is this a farming process?

Or is it a combination process that will effectively get you the business that you need?


First, let’s just look at hunting versus farming to make sure we are on the same page.


When I talk about hunting, I am talking about going out and aggressively finding those businesses that can answer positively to these 3 questions:

1/        Do you have a want for what I am selling?

2/        Are you in a position to make the decision?

3/        Are you ready to buy?



*          So, I encourage you this week to look for more ways to hunt for business.


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Hunting is locating the prospect out there who wants to do something, and getting them to do it, with you.  Hunting means you are out actively looking for those who want to buy now.


Farming on the other hand is trying to stay in front of the prospect, getting them to remember who you are and what you do – so that when they are ready to move and they have a real want, they will take action with you.


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With all the great sales technology out there today, much of the farming can and should be done with technology. In many cases technology can do it more effectively, efficiently and consistently.


You, as a sales person, need to become more of a hunter.


I was working with a sales person the other morning and basically, they asked how much time they should spend in each area?

My answer – 75-80% of your prospecting time should be spent hunting, and the remaining 20% spent farming.


Up to 90% of the farming can be handled by technology. Many great products are available now that can do this for you, and do it more effectively, efficiently and consistently.


If you and/or your team are not hunting, that may be a big reason behind not getting the business you want.


If you are spending too much of your time farming and your competition is hunting and using technology to do the farming, guess who is going to get most of the business?



Looking for more ways to hunt?

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