Solve the pain

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We are live, we’re in the car, but we’re not driving.

So, don’t worry about that.

Just got the engine running to keep at cool.


Pain, pain, pain.

We hate pain.

We need to get around whatever pain we are experiencing.

Or do we?


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Guess what?

Pain is what drives us forward.


Pain is what many times makes things happen.

If you are doing it, if you’re solving your customer’s pain, then you’re going to find your business is rocking. Customers love it when you solve their pain.


But you’ve got to find their pain first and then you’ve got to solve the pain.

The pain is what makes things happen, set things in gear, get things rolling.

Solving the pain is what makes it happen for you.


If you’re looking at your sales and you’re saying, what’s going on with my business, why aren’t we growing?


What’s happening?


Look at the pain you’re trying to stop for your client.

If you’re not solving any pain, then take a look at your marketing and say, what can I do to change this?

What can I do to make us more effective in solving our customer’s pain?


Say it – “I’m going to make this happen.”

Then do it.

And you are rolling.


Hey, this is Coach Manny saying it’s been a pleasure.front(1)Ready to talk further and learn more?

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