Sales Is A Multi-Channel Game

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As one of my mentors and teachers, James Malinchak likes to stress, “It is hard to sell 50 prospects one way, but you have a greater chance of success selling 5 prospects 10 different ways.”


The results are the same – 50 new clients.Podcast_Cover (1)

But your chance for success shoots way up.


So, if you are wondering why your sales are not hitting what you are looking for, don’t give up or stop doing what you are doing.  Instead, add other methods to the mix and watch what happens.


Create a program of 10 different methods to sell, each bringing in a little bit. 

Then WOW! 

You might just be amazed at where your sales are going.


But, here are a few very important points to remember before you take off with this:


1/        Don’t try and add them all this week.

First, you will create total chaos.

You and/or your team will go crazy.

And next week, you will be back to where you started.


Instead, add one a week or every other week or even one a month.

Bring them into your process and really work them.


2/        Don’t just say we are now doing this.

Instead, have a real plan for the process.

No matter how much you and/or your team think you know about the method, you still need a plan in place.

This is how we are going to do this method.

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Here are the mechanics.

Here are the measurements.

Perhaps you even need some training.

Or you might out source some methods.


3/        Don’t give up after a short try

Consistency makes it work.

Remember consistency is the key:

Add the process.

Add the time to do it.

Do it consistently.


            Check out my most watched video.  It just happens to be on consistency.



After a few months, you will have taken your sales program from 1 or a few methods, to a great amount of methods.  Some will be working, while some might not.

But, you are now attacking your sales process with a greater amount of tools and your success rate will naturally go up as well.


So many times, we as business owners and sales people have a tendency to get into one way of selling. It has worked for us in the past. I have always done it this way.


It might still be a great method, don’t get me wrong.  It might still be brining in good business.  Don’t stop doing it. But!  But!


What if you added some new methods to it?


Give it a try this week and see what happens.


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