Principles Every Leader Must Have

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CEO number one takes time to walk into his company’s locations (over 20) at least twice a year. During this visit, he takes time to talk with the people who work there.  He knows most of them and calls them by name.  He takes time to get to know his team.


When our second CEO goes out to the company’s locations, she doesn’t just say hi and go away.  No, she is more of a hands-on person, taking time to listen to the people, but also taking time to help them and pitch in doing the work.  She believes none of us, no matter what level we work at, do well to get down and do the work.


Our third CEO takes time to talk with people when he is out in the field, actually pulling up a chair and having a conversation, getting a cup of coffee in the break room, and sitting with 5-6 employees and learning about stuff that no one else seems to be aware of.


Three different CEO’s, but all with one common thread – they are leaders.


Leaders know the people who work for them by name.  They walk in the field with those people.  They listen to them and make them understand that those at the top do care.


The greatest resource you have as a leader is your people.

When you walk down the road and look behind you, you see one of two things.

People are either following you, or they are not.  If there is no one behind you, then the best you can be is a positional leader, and that just won’t get it done. (A positional leader is someone who has the title, but that is all.)


Today, I want to share 3 things related to leadership with you:



1/        Know your troops.

Remembering names is one of the hardest things to do. I struggle with it myself, but that is no excuse.  If you can call people by name, it results in a great payback. People love to be called by their name. But also, take time to ask a few questions, learn a little about them.


The next time you stop by, remember your last conversation.  Perhaps it related to their family and how they were doing.  When you remember this stuff – you go way up in the mind of your employees.


            The key is, don’t do this just because I recommend it; do it from the heart.  Because you, as a leader, know how important your people are, and you make it your job to care.


2/        Walk among the troops.

Touch their lives – watch them do their work.

Praise them.

Comment on their work.

Ask questions to learn more about what they do.

Get out there into the field.

Get your hands dirty.


            It doesn’t matter how big your organization is; you need to do this.  This gets your players behind you.


3/        Listen to the people.

Hold regular meetings with your entire organization.

Yes, with the technology today, you can do this no matter how big and spread out your organization is.

Put yourself out there and take their questions.

Put yourself out there on the spot.

Show them that you can be humble.  Remember humbleness is the greatest leadership skill there is.


There you have it.

Leadership at its finest.

If you have had the opportunity to work for one of these super CEO’s, you know the power and the feeling.

If not, then you can create it in your organization. You can become that CEO.


If you are not sure how to make all this work for your team, then give me a call.  We help develop the leaders that make organizations more forward, growing, expanding, and driving success through the people who work there.


Success is all about the team and the leaders.


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