PowerPoint and Your Message – Why Most Presentations Suck

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Another boring PowerPoint presentation.

Are you kidding me?

In a world filled with graphics, pictures, video and so much visual, I still go to presentations and see dozens of words on slide after slide.

Are you kidding me?


Why don’t you use something visual to represent these words?


Even worse than the bad slide, the presenter then reads the slides – oh no – you have to be kidding me. Nope!

Do you do this?

I know you might just be thinking – that’s me.


Third – the presenter looks at the slides, not the audience.  I often wonder what the heck is up there that I don’t see?


Today, I want to share with you three quick tips focused on these 3 problems.  Most of what I tell you today you already know.  Hundreds of books have been written about it – why don’t we change?  Comfort? It exhausts me to go to presentations by sharp, aggressive, decision making leaders that look like crap.


1/        5-7 words on a slide – that is it – there is a notes section on the slide to put your information if you need something to help you remember what to say.

Ouch!  I know it hurts, but no one wants to read slides.  If that was the case, you could have just sent the slide deck to them. Key words.  Words that power.  Words that move. Words that say it all.


Example of a bad slide.


And here is a solution that I believe will handle all these situations.

As you can see from the documents,

this works.

Listen and understand.

Listen then Define them.



Instead of all the above, why not simply a slide with

Have you Listened to our new podcast
Have you Listened to our new podcast?


Solution!  The Answer


Or how about a simple picture

Or a 15 second video,

a nice detailed graphic?


Get it?


2/        I know how to read.

I think I learned it in first grade.

Why are you reading the slide to me?

It drives me crazy! The slide is so bad, so full of words, then you read it.

I don’t need you to read it.

I can see it.


Tell me something like a short story – people love stories.

People remember stories.


Or tell me how you made it happen – what is the secret?

Or tell me what went right or wrong – and how you reacted.


But don’t read the slide.


Who was there?

Make it exciting – interesting – with passion.

Pump me up.

Get me into the frame.

3/        Let me know what is in the picture you are looking at – because I don’t see it.

Please check out my latest book - you will love it!
Please check out my latest book – you will love it!


Why are you gazing at the slide?


The school I went to said – know the presentation cold.

That is why pictures work so well. They trigger the story with a fact, quick comment.

Plus, people remember the picture so much faster and easier than the words.

When will we learn this?


Look at the audience – see how they are reacting – are they interested, are they excited, do they get it?

Smile at them.


Wow! – we can have a blast doing presentations.

You can take your close rate up exponentially.

You can get the promotion.

You can sell your idea.

You can turn this from just another boring PowerPoint into a wow!

Into a win.


Give it a try.

Take the risk.

That is what success is all about.


Now, if you want to learn more,

if you are ready to make some changes and do great presentations,

set up a 15-minute call with me on a date and time that works for you.