If You Never Fail, Your Success Will Be Very Limited

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If You Never Fail, Your Success Will Be Very Limited


Let that sink in.

I want you to think about that for a moment.


Now, let me repeat it.

If you never fail, your success will be very limited.


If you never fail, that means

You are so good it is unbelievable.


None of us is that good.


So what it really means it you never try to stretch,

You never go outside the norm,

You never push yourself to the limits.


I failed many, many times, and some of those failures cost me thousands of dollars and a heck a of a lot more.

But what they gave me could be calculated to be worth a bunch more.


I am who I am because I took those chances.

I failed,

I learned,

I got up,

And I did it again.


I often tell the story of a young lady who never had failed in her life.

There was almost nothing she could not do successfully.

She never failed until her third year in college – then she hit a roadblock.

She took what they call the medical breaker course, “Anatomy and Physiology.”

(I think some of you can relate to this.)

She failed, and it devastated her.

It took a while for her to recover,

And it changed some things in her going forward.


The lesson for you all is that, if she had failed many times before, it would not have been a very big deal, and she might just have gotten up, recovered, and kept going a lot quicker.

Those of us who have failed many times and ended up falling on our faces so many times since we were young, we get up a lot quicker and get back on the horse.

Why do you think young children learn so much? They are consistently failing.

Trying again and again.

That is the key we are missing as we get older.

That is the key to success.

You have to try, and if you fail, learn and try it again.


Want to listen to Coach Manny talk about this in more detail.




Here are 3 ways to integrate failure into your success process.


1/        Set your goals higher than you think you can achieve.

Determine what that goal is and then take a shot and kick it up another 10, 20, 30 percent. Now, you will be forced to stretch even further.

Stretching will help you to be stronger and better and more successful.


            As a sales person, if your goal and quota given you by your boss is 1 million, then your own goal should be 1.25 million.  Work to that goal.



2/        Practice at a higher level than you will ever have to achieve to win.

Do more than you will ever have to do in the real contest.

Make it so the real contest is a cakewalk that you can do.


In running, if the contest is 10 miles, then practice at 15.

If you can do 15, then what is 10 – no sweat.


If you have to make 50 calls a day to achieve the goal, start making 60 or 70.

If you make 70 a week, then you are doing 7 days’ effort in 5.


What do you think will happen when you are running 40% more calls than the rest?



3/        When you fail, stop, review, learn, and then do it again.

Don’t spend so much time thinking about it.

Spend your time doing something more to make it happen.

The problem is that, when you start thinking too much, you run the risk of convincing yourself you can’t.


            Failure does create success when you learn from it and move forward.

            Get up, do it again and again and again.

            Failure is only a temporary option; winning is the goal.


Winning is action.

This is what we teach you in our leadership process-

How to develop a winning you,

How to develop a winning team,

How to coach your team to victory.

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