How You Make The Call – Makes All The Difference

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Attitude – yours is the turning point to success in so much of what you do.


Making calls is certainly one of them.


You may have heard it said, “Smile when you make a call; it comes through,” and it really does.


You might be so much better at making calls than I am, but I make all my calls with attitude.

And that is why my results are so much better than yours.

Think about it.


Amelia was new to the sales game, but she had a natural smile.  She started working and making calls, and when she called, she just smiled away.  You could sit across from her, and it was contagious.   She made many of the rookie mistakes, yet her numbers were amazing.

The smile is that important.


When calling remember:

  • Today, I want to talk with you.

  • I believe in what I am saying.

  • I am here to help you.

  • WIIFY is what I am calling for. (What’s in it for YOU)


If you are not having success on the phone – it could just be your attitude.

It is not:

  • The list.

  • The time of day.

  • The gatekeeper.

  • The product/service.


It is YOU!


I once worked with a guy who could do calls all day, 8 hours, powerful.  His consistency made him successful, as I have taught before. But he was nowhere nearly as successful in selling as he could have been, and we could not understand.  He had all the pieces together.  After listening to him we knew – he just didn’t have the attitude. In fact, his attitude sucked.


3 things today to do when you make calls.


1/        Be All In!


With your attitude.

With your desire.

With your passion.

Want to make the calls.

Want to talk with the people.

Want to be right where you are – and watch what happens.


            It all comes through in your voice and in your smile.



2/        Be prepared!


Don’t wing it.

Know what, how, when, where, and why.

Know your pitch cold.

Backward, forward, sideways.

Know the questions they could ask and the answers to them.

Take time to practice by yourself and with a partner.

Have the list ready.


Make your calls smooth no matter what happens.

Make your conversation simple no matter where they might try to take it.

Be easy in your approach.

Totally prospect focused.

Totally prospect loved.


3/        Do it.


Pick up the phone and dial.  Keep track of your results.

This may sound crazy, but you can have a great attitude and be totally prepared.

Yet, if you don’t pick up the phone and make the actual call – nothing happens.


I can speak with reps about how many calls they made today, and as soon as they hesitate – I know they made very few.  If you are calling, successful or not, you know your numbers.  I made 50 calls today and got nothing; it sucks.  I make 40 calls today, and it was amazing.


            How many calls did you make? 


Get hot, do it today, make it happen.

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